I'm doing the I got a new MATRIX dance!

Yeah, baybay… I got me one sweet car, and sweeter still was the DEAL I got on it: this car is so new and hot that Edmunds lists the True Market Value as slightly ABOVE MSRP with my option package… I bought this baby at $500 over invoice, $1400 below sticker!

Not only that, I made them give me that guarantee over the phone, before I even went down to the dealership!


<doing the happy dance…>

Wow. I guess you can kiss Kansas bye-bye.

Wahoo! Glad you found what you wanted.

I’ll be curious to know how it grows on you.

The Matrix is a cool car, and although I’m going to hang on to the Tercel for a while (most likely), I’ve got my eye on it.

By the way, what did you end up with in re side air bags? Did you go for them with the higher package or just do without?

I just did without. It’s built well, with side impact beams in the doors.

I checked out other cars, including the Protege5, which was a much better deal on paper, but it just wasn’t nearly the car the Matrix is. Toyota is Toyota for a reason…they do it right. It’s a great vehicle, with a really smooth, comfortable ride, and everything about it is nicely done.

My only beef is the whole cargo mat deal, but I expect some aftermarket thing will turn up eventually, or I can fake it somehow.

I’m lovin’ it alot. It’s a huge, huge step up from my dinky little hard-ridin’ Paseo, which was a great car at the time, but not anymore.

For anyone who wants cargo space without taking the SUV plunge, this puppy is hard to beat.