2010 - A How'd-10-Years-Go-By-That-Fast? MMP

So…yeah, everyone’s making lists about the decade, which some will tell you isn’t quite over yet, but let’s not quibble. It was weird when it became 2000. Seems weirder that it’s now 2010.

There’ve been lots of world events, books, movies, more movies, TV shows and other stuff.

But that’s not what I’m interested in. What I want to know is…what’s been the biggest change in your life in the past decade?

For me, the biggest changes have been social ones. 10 years ago, my closest local friends (except for my then-roommate) were all from work. And my roommate was planning to leave Columbus, which would have left me here. By myself. Alone.

Well, I’m exaggerrating, but still. Seemed like my life was getting pretty dull.

So, I decided I’d start volunteering at a local park. And at church. And, all of a sudden, I had lots more interests and was in a book club and then I stumbled on this site, where my world got even broader and…well…did I mention more friends?

What about you???

Can I really be FIRST?
Anyway, what has changed in 10 years… I’ve gone from being single to 10 years married to a man 18 years younger than me. We’re still in love and still best friends.

I lost my son to suicide in 2000, that doesn’t feel much different, just less often.

I’ve become old and fat. That’s all.

The biggest change in the past decade? Probably finding a good job that pays me a crapload more than my previous job is and is stable even in this crappy economy. Getting it was a string of good luck frankly, and that it turned out to be a pretty good job with better pay was even better. That in itself has brought about a variety of changes in our lifestyle to the degree that for the first time we have something that can be legitimately be called disposable income. It has allowed me to get my life on proper track and keep us comfortably sheltered, fed and clothed, with a few little lifestyle enhancements on the side. I even have credit now, which is probably the oddest change, since I never had it, nor could I get it before, and it feels weird spending money I don’t actually have yet. But since I can’t save money worth a damn, it works out as an odd but effective way of saving in reverse: I buy what we need or want, and then save retroactively for it by paying off the credit cards.

Also, would have been first in the MMP for the first time but I got long winded. :slight_smile:

The amazing thing is, that very little seems to have changed for me in the past 10 years – except for the kids growing up like it’s going out of style! :eek:

Let’s see, 10 years ago I was in the 9th grade…holy shit. I started driving, then I dropped out of high school in the 10th grade, dicked around for a few years doing effectively nothing (besides getting my GED, which I ironically scored in the 90th percentile) and worked part-time at a library for 4 years. Started going to community college and launched my own website in 2003 with a friend. Got hired by my dream company in 2006, left dream company for another dream company in 2008. And now I’m in the process of starting my own company.

Unfortunately, one that that hasn’t flucated in that entire time is my relationship status grumble

Past decade? I graduated high school, attended and graduated college, and attended and graduated grad school all in the past decade. Each one brought about a lot of change.

If I had to compare myself now to myself in 2000, I’d say I am much happier and healthier, both in mind and body. I have met so many good people and made a handful of wonderful friends and have had so many amazing experiences in the meantime.

Also, I now pay bills and rent and get paid to do stuff in an office. :eek: Also, I have sex. :smiley:


OK, I think I understand the concept of this thread, but can someone please tell me what MMP stands for? I’ve seen it here on the boards a couple times but can’t find a relevant reference to it anywhere else.

Monday Morning Post. Although it usually gets started on Sunday evening. This thread is meant for hijacking, to keep MPSIMS tidy.

This last decade has seen many large changes for my life. We moved from Milwaukee to Oconto Falls in 2001, bought a house in 2005. Then I figured out that I was gay(duh!), but told my husband that I was bi. My husband died in 2007. I met C, my partner, at the beginning of 2009 and we live in Appleton now.

Just subscribin’. I’ll read and respond later.

Great OP, gt! My decade hasn’t seen much in the way of changes apart from a new job and some improvements around the house. Oh, and I’m a bit thinner too.

I’ve become an auntie, TWICE!
Seriously: compared with that, stuff like work and buying a house is pecata minuta. Given my own attitude towards marriage and motherhood, and Littlebro’s uhm, traditional approach to housework (if he ever gets married, she’ll be a Latin American immigrant, i.e., a woman who thinks that a man who asks for a cold beer instead of yelling for one is an improvement), my only hopes for reproduction fell upon Middlebro. He done good :smiley:

Speaking of which… I’ve mentioned before the story of one day back in my toddlerhood being so angry that I hit the wall with my head a couple times… figured that hurt… slapped the wall… yep, solid… grabbed the red pillow from Mom’s armchair, tried to place it against the wall, saw it didn’t hold, placed it on the floor and went on banging away (but this time, against a yielding object). Apparently The Niece has the same suicidal temper, minus the pillow part :smack:

off to work - back later

Hmmm… Ok, so not my favorite decade actually. But I’m happy to have come out the other side hopefully wiser and stronger and more appreciative of my family. I’ve also got my beloved TVMan who I will have been with for three years this coming Saturday!

And then there’s my business. It’s been 6 years since I struck out on my own. It’s been a rocky road but I can’t imagine anything else that I’d rather be doing. Not only do I enjoy what I do, I also enjoy that it gives me the flexibility to spend more time with those that I love. And that’s the best reward of all.

Early 2000 decade was a time of great upheaval. I lost both parents, my job, my house, and nearly my sanity. When I did find a job and we moved out of state, my son stayed with my in-laws.

The latter half of the decade was a time of settlement. I found a different job that payed better and was more suited to my skills, lost 130 lbs, found a new house to buy, and jumped headlong into volunteer fire and rescue.

The biggest change overall had to be the whole layoff thing.

ETA: Same kid comes today for a visit! w00t!!

Nearly constantly, from what we can gather. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good Mornin’ Y’all! It’s cooooooooold outside! The low last night was 19 degrees Amurrkin! :eek:

Let’s see, I lost a younger brother and my father durin’ the decade. I changed jobs a couple of times. I paid off da cave, YAY! Met OYKW and that’s been about the best part. Also, I discovered The Dope and then the MMP. I’ve gotten to meet some of y’all which is always a jake thing.

Look! It’s Walls! Howdy Walls! Come back and play, ok?

Haze how well I remember graduate school and you! I lectured you until my fingers were numb about gettin’ all those papers done. :smiley:

On this day 10 years ago, I had known the man who is now my husband for only 5 days. In the last 10 years, we have progressed from barely knowing each other to being married (5 years this year) with one kid. I have gone from working a shitty job on low pay, to working a string of progressively shittier jobs on progressively marginally better pay, to finally getting my current job, which is definitely not shitty and has decent pay!

In 10 years, I have gone from being thin and single to being fat and married. I plan to change the “fat” part this year. My 20-year high school reunion in April may have something to do with that!

I am also starting off this new decade as a non-smoker, having finally kicked the habit after 18 years.

10 years ago, I was still single (although having seen someone for 2 months at that point, it was the most significant relationship in my life by far at that point, not counting my ex-fiance/best friend) but had just moved out on my own for the first time. Was also bouncing from job to job.

Now, I’m married (July 2000) with two kids (August 2002 and November 2004) and love that part of my life. In the same job since Sept 2000 (although it was announced last year that this place will be closing up in the spring :frowning: ).

I suppose a decade is way too big to look at for changes in life, as most of us have big changes in their life at least once a decade (I could say the same for the 90s, 80s, and 70s, although they probably don’t have as big events as the 00s did (well, except for “being born” in the 70s)). Looking forward to see what the 10s will bring …