2010 NFL draft.

Well it looks like the big questions are now falling into place finally.

1st Pick St Louis.
2nd Pick Detroit
3rd and 4th KC and Tampa(don’t know the tie breakers off-hand).
To bad for the Lions. Once again they just miss out on the Most dominant College player in years(Suh) and get a pick they can really screw up again. The only reason I could see the Rams passing on Suh is for a supposed franchise QB, and I just don’t see that happening.

Detroit might get lucky. St Louis has drafted a bunch of Linemen in recent years and might feel the pressure to get a skill position player, especially a QB, in this draft. Especially if they are going to be paying a monster contract for Suh. Also, with an uncapped season looming there might be any number of deep pocketed teams eager to trade up for Suh where in years past they wouldn’t.

KC still has to play and with a win would lose the shot at the 3rd pick. They have the weaker strength of schedule so with a loss they are likely to stay there with a loss unless the weird week 17 really alters the numbers.


FTR, the Tie Breaker for the next picks is Opponents Strength of Schedule. You had the time and energy to start the thread, but not the energy to start it with complete information? This isn’t Twitter, put a little effort into the OP.


It seemed kind of pointless to start looking up scenarios for things that may not even happen. After these late games more will be known and the list will be expanded. I didn’t realize people were that keenly waiting for my first annual report on the 3rd and 4th picks.

Oakland wins, the Lions go first. We wait patiently.

I meant Rams . I am watching Oakland now.

The 49ers need an offensive lineman and help in the secondary. They have two decent picks to do it. I hope Harden is still there, or Taylor Mays. I was also thoroughly impressed with South Florida CB, Jerome Murphy’s performance in the International Bowl, and he might be available in the second round.

I haven’t scouted O linemen.

I think Spagnuolo would quit if the Rams passed on Suh. A dominant front seven led the Giants to the Super Bowl.

Safeties always seem one of the biggest gamble in a draft. The great college ones are often on of the fastest guys on the field and one of the strongest. Then when they move to the Pros they are not the fastest or the strongest, and have to change their game to being a system playmaker rather than an individual one, and so many of them seem to fail at it.

People putting Berry as a a top three pick just scare the hell out of me. Because a failed safety gives up a lot of touchdowns, and doesn’t really convert well to another responsibility, and becomes a total waste.

I am A big believer in O line, other than a guy like Suh I would spent most picks on them till you get a great line. People like Okung, but he never really struck me as a monster player. I guess I would start thinking about him for the Liones pick though, they just damn well need some.

All the more reason to wait until the afternoon games were over so that we could have a complete, concise 2010 draft thread. It’s a major pet peeve of mine, people frantically leaping to be the first to post a new thread topic on some news but not bothering to take the time to actually add any content to the OP.

If you want to have a stream of consciousness and offer minor observations there’s a NFL Week 17 thread perfectly suited for it. The NFL Draft thread will be an ongoing thread for the next 8 months and every first time reader will be treated with the vague, unclear introduction in your OP.

But, that’s just one man’s opinion. No point in contributing to the hijack any further.

The content was the fact that the Rams had the first over all pick, and the Lions had the second. I didn’t realize that posting the first 2 out of 32 was so Earth shatteringly unimportant as (opposed to the magic 20 out of 32) as to require an out of forum rant shitting in a thread.

And it looks like the whole non-palyoff order is.

  1. St. Louis (1-15)
  2. Detroit (2-14)
  3. Tampa Bay (3-13)
  4. Washington (4-12)
  5. Kansas City (4-12)
  6. Seattle (5-11)
  7. Cleveland (5-11)
  8. Oakland (5-11)
  9. Buffalo (6-10)
  10. Jacksonville (7-9)
  11. Chicago (7-9) (Traded to DEN)
  12. Miami (7-9)
  13. San Francisco (8-8)
  14. Denver (8-8)(Traded to SEA)
  15. New York Giants (8-8)
  16. Carolina (8-8) (Traded to SF)
  17. Tennessee (8-8)
  18. Pittsburgh (9-7)
  19. Atlanta (9-7)
  20. Houston (9-7)

At least STL gets the first pick when there may be some value to it. They can pick Suh and either kick Carriker out to DE or offer him up for trade for more draft picks; as mentioned above there may be interest, for once, in teams trading up to get Suh that could be used to leverage a good amount of picks. If they had to be the first overall in the draft they have a better year then most to do it.

Here is the value chart most GMs use when trading picks. Does anyone know how future picks are scored?

next year’s pick = this year’s pick minus 1 round.

So to get a team’s third round pick this year you’d have to give them your second rounder next year.

St. Louis won’t take Suh. They need a quarterback. Detroit might, but hopefully they won’t.

I think one interesting question will be what effect the 2010 uncapped season and the potential 2011 lockout will have on drafting strategies and on contracts. Especially if this could wind up being the last year without a rookie salary cap.

Last? There’s been a rookie salary cap for over a decade.

Are you sure you’re not talking about minimum contracts? Help.


But that wouldn’t stop an agent from wanting bigger and bigger signing bonuses and, in turn, the team from prorating them to get the player signed.

Now a rookie salary scale like the NBA has might be better for the game, with a decent payout for the rookies but not so prohibitive that it scares teams away from the top pick.