2010 NFL Pro Bowl Rosters

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Viking lead with eight selections.

My 49ers have a starter on offense, defense, and special teams, although I’m still not sure it’s a good thing that your punter is selected.

The NFC linebackers are the only thing that sticks out for me. Willis is a no-brainer, but I have to wonder where Jon Beason is.

Nothing else seems particularly egregious. I might have chosen Brent Celek over Jjason Witten but I wouldn’tmake a big case of it one way or the other.

Farve and Rodgers in the same locker room might be a little…tense.

Glad to see Vilma get the nod at LB. Sharper at safety, too. Would have liked to see Colston go, but the Saints spread the ball around so much, it’s hard for a receiver/RB to put up really great numbers…as I hope I remember in next year’s fantasy draft.

The wrong Steeler linebacker got in. Lamarr Woodley has outplayed James Harrison this year. Of course the Pro Bowl is as much about reputation as anything else; Alan Faneca is my cite.

Andy Lee’s having a great year, though it happens to be in the same year that, on the other side of the bay, Shane Lechler’s having one of the best years ever for a punter. Fortunately for Lee, Lechler’s in the other conference. :slight_smile:

This is not the first time the two of them have been in the Pro Bowl at the same time, they dueled in the 2008 edition.

Favre won’t be there. Superbowl players won’t play. :wink:

Well, if my Saints don’t make it, I’d like to see Farve get one more shot at a Super Bowl. He was my starter for most of the season on my fantasy team, and served me well.

Favre probably won’t go no matter what happens. He might “retire” before the Pro Bowl.

How many times though? We should start a pool.

I’m as big a Giants fan as there is, and you’ll have to bring the hard sell to convince me that Shaun O’Hara is the best center in the NFC. Quite frankly I don’t expect him to be on the team next year. (I envision them keeping Snee, moving Diehl back to guard, and replacing the other three in either free agency or the draft.)

Oh, so he’s going to retire in January, then try to sign with one of the two Superbowl teams?

I don’t think the Colts nor the Packers really need him. :wink:

Just kidding…I really don’t think the Pack will make it to the Super Bowl.

How did one of the Bengals CB’s not make it? Heck, both of them have 6 INT’s apiece, and Champ Bailey has 3…

…Randy Moss leads the league in TD’s with 13 and doesn’t get in?..

…fan voting needs to be done away with, in all sports…

Not a ton of major complaints there. The NFC WRs seem a little questionable. Nothing against the guys listed but I’m a little surprised that Austin got the nod considering his late start and some of his inconsistency, but his numbers are tough to argue with. I’m not sure Ed Reed really deserved the trip this year either, and Nick Collins and Adrian Wilson didn’t really stand out but I’m not sure who I’d replace them with. This might be the best 4 starting CBs I can ever remember though. Hutchinson and McKinnie have had down years, I suspect there’s someone else out there that deserved those spots… though definitely not in the NFC North!

One could make the argument (as I am about to do) that Troy Polamalu should be in the Pro Bowl. Yes, he only played 3 games this year, but the Steelers won all 3 and the secondary has given up a huge number of big plays in his absence. I’d go so far as to say that this demonstrates his value to the team to the point that he should be recognized as the Steelers’ MVP.

Alas, he didn’t have the time or the numbers this year due to injury, so I understand his omission. Also, it is only the Pro Bowl, so it scarcely matters anyway.


So we should nominate guys for what they potentially could do and not what they actually do?

Yeah, I think one of the unofficial requirements for a Pro Bowler is to, you know, actually play.

Hell, even Ed Reed’s 11 games probably should disqualify him in my book, unless those 11 games are fucking amazing.

I suppose it would be too much for you to read the post, so I’ll put it in language that even a typical Bears fan can understand:

He did not play enough to make the Pro Bowl, but that does not stop me for making a case for him.

Is that better? I used smaller words for you.