"2010 U.S. Election" forum is now "Elections"

The 2010 U.S. Election forum is now the Elections forum. This forum is subject to the following rules:

  1. This forum is for discussion of elections and electoral politics. Discussions of electoral strategy and tactics, political parties, individual races, poll results, political news, and U.S. politicians and public figures are all appropriate for this forum.

  2. We recognize the difficulty of disentangling electoral politics from larger issues of public policy, and leave it to the discretion of users whether to start political threads in Elections or Great Debates. We’re not interested in making work for ourselves and except in cases of grossly inappropriate topics or (within reason) requests by the OP will not move threads. Users are free to debate which type of posts should go in what forum, but don’t expect us to settle these arguments. We reserve the right to close threads or take other appropriate steps if SDMB rules are violated.

  3. Political rants in the Pit are permitted as always. Please don’t ask or expect us to move these threads.

Talk about ahead of the curve. 2016?

EDIT: and so you fix it…

This should be an interesting forum, temporary or not.

Duh. Fixed, thanks.

You mean this forum was live, and I had a chance to make the first post ever in a new SDMB forum and missed it? Dang.

But you have the chance to make the first new thread beyond the sticky up there.

You may commence rueing. In any case welcome to [del]this exercise is vanity where I will ultimately go mad with power[/del] this new forum!

Too late.

Nyahh-nyahh. :wink:

And thanks to Ed and Marley and the gang for creating this forum. I hope it thrives.

What happens to this forum and the threads in it after the sunset date?

Hey, no problem at all, but I thought this was going to be a GD subforum rather than it’s own stand-alone forum.

Was there a change of plans or am I misremembering?

(Again, it’s no big deal either way, I’m just wondering if my memory is on the fritz.)

I’m delighted to see this forum open! The only change I would recommend is a later sunset date (e.g. 12/31/10), for two reasons:

  1. Election post-mortems, which can often last more than a couple of weeks; and

  2. the increasingly more common phenomenon of Congressional elections’ taking more than a fortnight to resolve.

While Al Franken’s 2008 Senate victory last year :wink: is the prime example of this, even that year the Alaska Senate race took until November 18 to resolve, and the Georgia runoff settling that state’s Senate election was on December 2. And in 2006, the FL-13 House race between Vern Buchanan and Christine Jennings didn’t get settled until sometime in 2007, and only by Jennings’ concession, IIRC.

Might as well just plan for it.

Don’t think we ever stated (I sure didn’t); this way was simplest. We can do it some other way if that’s the consensus and there are no technical or administrative issues.

Seems like a better, broader theme would be elections and politics. This would have been a good place for the UK election discussion, for example.

This is amazing, thank you SDMB! I for one will be spending a lot more time around here.

I concur that some thought should be put into where this all goes after November, the idea of a broader political forum is a good one I think. But we have time to figure that out, and I’m just gonna enjoy this puppy in the moment.

I’ll check our emails, but I think the plan is to merge this forum back into Great Debates so the thread here will be readable over there.

I would suggest that everyone label threads the way they do at Daily Kos, by starting with the election in question. “KY-SEN: Is Rand Paul crazy?”. “KY-05: Hal Rogers needs to retire already”. That sort of thing.

Wow Cecil, you scared me for a moment. I thought that the teabaggers pushed Obama into not only resigning, but passing a new election amendment…and that THIS was the first I was hearing about it (I’ve been out of the loop since before Memorial Day).

Tea* Party. * They are the one who are supposedly immature and silly, right? Why descend to their level?

Well, gee, when I suggested a news and events forum people treated me like an insolent child for even suggesting such a thing. This isn’t an aggregator! they screamed. And here we are with a completely redundant (according to that thread) and unnecessary forum for one kind of “news and events” that is admittedly impossible to disentangle from other news and events and is exactly what about 10000 political aggregators do.

So, is it about time to shut this puppy down? Successfull experiment or no?

Scheduled sunset is 15 November, according to the OP.

As to whether or not it was a success, I’d have to say an unqualified “aye” from this Doper. I thought it worked exactly like we all wanted: it was cool having a place to talk about election stuff without cluttering up Great Debates.