Should the "Elections" forum just be changed to "Politics"?

We still use it plenty to discuss politics even with no elections to be had.

Second the motion

It seems to already have morphed like that. I’ll third that idea!


With the nonstop campaigning we have, I think much or all political discussion involves election talk. Consider how often, “They can’t/won’t do that, they’d be primaried.” comes up in political discussions. Makes sense to just call it the Politics forum.

Considering the forum description has “political news” amongst the relevant topics, I don’t see why we can’t move that to the beginning to cover elections (and everything else).


Didn’t we just do this in ATMB a month or so ago? The broader consensus (read: the consensus I agree with so I’ll use the stronger description) was that GD was still the appropriate place for general political discussions, whereas Elections was geared towards ballot and electoral issues. Gun control in general versus a particular amendment and its impact on an election, for example. Though there is a tremendous grey area, the distinction is solid enough to warrant two forums.

I discussed this with Marley23 a few months ago. I too felt that because the description of the forum includes “political news” (bolded above) and politicians & public figures in general, it should just be the Politics forum, as the inclusion of this topic means that all public policy and attempts to change it are pretty much fair game for discussion in the forum.

We’ve also seen threads about other country’s elections and politics, despite only U.S. politicians being actually denoted as a topic, and since those have not been moved out of Elections and into GD, I think we can all conclude that those are fair subjects for the forum as well.

In light of how inclusive the topic description is, I can’t see any reason at all not to rename the forum Politics.

Sorry, Rhythmdvl, but I don’t see the same distinction that you do. A discussion of gun control is about political news and about public policy, and thus is a fair topic for a discussion in the (currently named) Elections forum, according to the forum description. I don’t see a need for electron-microscope-level hair splitting about which topics belong where: if it’s about politics, it belongs in the (hopefully-soon-to-be-renamed-as) Politics forum.

So far that’s 8 of 9 posters in this thread in favor of the name change, btw.

Leaving 1 against…and several thousand not giving a shit. :smiley:
I think there may be a problem with defining “Politics” in a way that allows moderators to have a good idea as to what would belong in such a forum.

What is it about the current forum description that you think is inadequate?

We did just do this recently, and this was the official opinion:

If anyone is interested in my opinion (which I doubt), it can be found in that thread, so I won’t bother repeating anything here.

I would suggest both politics and elections. Perhaps “Politics, Elections and other Government Tomfoolery”.


I’m good with this, but I think the mods need to be more proactive in moving threads out of ‘Elections’ that have little to do with elections and are general political issues, e.g. was Reagan a mean, divisive partisan?, 1 Trillion Dollar Coin??, and Fiscal Cliff - Doesn’t it fix the deficit problem? which are all near the top of the main Elections forum page right now.

The only thread currently on the main Elections forum page with ‘Moved’ in front of it is this one. If threads don’t belong in a forum aren’t moved out, then saying “this forum only is for X” doesn’t really mean anything.

This just seems like common sense to me. *Politics *covers elections and a broad category of other things. (I like this guy, I like that lady. etc.) Elections kind of narrow the forum down.

Yes. Next time we could try this thread with a poll.


Seems like this is one more step toward reorganizing the board by topic rather than conversation type.

Game Room, Cafe Society, Elections - all topic based rather than conversation type based.

General Questions, MPSIMS, IMHO, Great Debates, the BBQ Pit - all based on conversation type rather than topic.

And for all of those, it developed over time that there were enough threads on the topic in question to not only support their own forum, but to begin to clutter up the ‘conversation type’ forum they were spun off of. Makes perfect sense to spin off ‘topic based’ forums under those circumstances.