“Elections” as a forum title

Ever think of re-naming the Elections forum as Politics?

Politics seems to cover most of everything that’s there while Elections sounds limiting.

Previous discussion:

Interesting that last year’s poll shows overwhelming support for changing the name, but no mod participated in the discussion and a year and a half later there’s been no change.

No mod? Did you read post #12 in the referenced thread?

I think this is worth revisiting. Why not change “Elections” to “Politics”?

  1. He wasn’t posting as a mod.

  2. He posted once and never came back, so not a discussion.

  3. Hi, Opal!

  4. His post didn’t address at all the reasoning behind keeping the name unchanged.

  5. His post was more of a reply to a specific poster’s anecdote with the response to the OP being a side note.

  6. Did you have any point to make, or did you just see this as an opportunity to point out that someone was wrong?

For what it’s worth, I think it sounds reasonable, though the opinions of the mods of that forum should carry more weight.

He didn’t say “moderator note” or the like, but he did appear to be posting as a moderator.

Thank you for your explicit answer and to all the implicit information thus imparted.

That’s enough, Bo. Be snippy somewhere else. This isn’t the place for it.

I don’t typically use moderator tags in ATMB because it’s not my forum to moderate. I use the moderator tags only in times when speaking as a moderator and issuing a directive or instruction. In more rare cases it will be to provide clarification.

Discussions in ATMB are in large part to discuss board policy or address questions, so when doing so it’s not issuing a directive, but it is talking and providing clarity about rules and policy, etc. These are the current rules, which align with my view, and how we moderate GD and Elections:

Those are the rules, but they aren’t always how Elections is moderated, as these two very recent ATMB threads show:

Elections thread moved to the Pit

Thread moved from Elections to IMHO?

Both are about discussions being moved from Elections.