Thank you for changing Election to Politics & Elections

Thanks, mods and admins!

It’s been long overdue and I didn’t want y’all to think that no one noticed or appreciated it now that it finally happened.

Good job!

ETA: Great; I missed an “s” in the thread title. :smack:

I’m just glad we won’t have more threads about it. Call it a ham sandwich for all I care. It seemed like the topic would pop up in ATMB 3-4 times a year

I think “Elections” is redundant. In my opinion Elections is a subset of Politics.

Tearing back the cloak a bit that came about at the last minute. Almost literally.

This morning I was finishing up edits on the rules and we were discussing them on the mod loop. The discussion headed that way and I mentioned a change to focus the P&E forum on just the horse race.

It got some support on the loop, Tubadiva agreed and off we went. We coordinated the announcement of the new rules with the change in forum title.

I’m grateful to Tubadiva for being willing to make the change. Give her a hand, people.

I’d vote for her.

It happened while I was in the forum! It was a little weird. But I’ve always thought Elections was too narrow a focus.

This is a logical and welcome choice. Thanks!

You might want to double-check the new forum description though. It could use a bit of editing.

Yeah, I agree. This is a good change that a lot of people have asked for quite some time. Bravo TubaDiva!

An extra thank you to TubaDiva then! Well done!

The forum was originally created for threads about a particular election (2008?) and had something like “2008 Election” as the forum title. I think the idea at the time was to keep GD from being overrun by threads about that election, squeezing everything else out.

The forum stayed on after that, became just “Elections,” and then the focus gradually became less narrow, with more threads that were about political topics that didn’t directly bear on elections.

One way or another, there needed to be an answer to the question “which non-election political threads belong in Elections, and which ones belong in GD?” This settles it: all those non-election political threads are welcome in Politics & Elections. I’m good with that. :slight_smile:

Yay! Great job, staff!

Here, here!

And however it happened, not a bad upgrade.

Yes, a very good decision.

Thank you Tuba and mods!!!

This, of course, is the correct answer to the question nobody asked.

Every time I read “& Elections” I think, damn, that was a waste of my time that I’ll never get back.

Yes, a welcome change. Thanks, TubaDiva!