Why "Elections" Forum and not simply Politics/Governmental?

It seems to me the forum marked “elections” is much more than that.
Seems it is more about politics and government in general.

Just asking…

Moved to ATMB.

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Here was my previous take on the topic, and remains unchanged:

Sorry Colibri, I though I was in ATMB, damn “sometimers” kicked in.

The forum started in the wake of a contentious United States National election. We thought originally we’d probably have this around for a while and then no one would care after the election was over and we’d close it.

That’s not exactly what happened (though some have requested it) and the forum has persisted.

There’s been opinions expressed that the name needed to be changed but we’re kinda curmudgeons about this sort of thing and have resisted changes. Keep in mind that for a long time we thought we could cover the entire universe with two forums: “Comments On Cecil’s Columns” and 'General Questions," so this is actually pretty good for us, considering. :smiley:

your humble TubaDiva

The forum description says:

“For discussion of elections and electoral politics, including strategy and tactics, political parties, individual races, political news, and politicians and public figures.”

It wouldn’t bother me to change the name to “Politics”. We had a huge flurry of “wrong forum” action right after the 2016 US presidential election, but I think it was more about moving things out of Elections rather than into it. Lots of threads moved to the Pit, IIRC. Otherwise, though, folks seem to figure things out OK.

As I recall, it was originally for discussion of the 2010 midterm elections.

This dead horse seems to get beaten every 6 months or so. Just like how MPSIMS also covers things that aren’t mundane, such as deaths of a loved one.

The Elections forum generally has a relatively small group of SDMB members and we mostly know what type of threads would do best there. I’d say just leave it as it is.

I’m waiting for someone to complain that people are asking specific questions in General Questions. :wink:

My opinion is that changes and ideas are actually being considered and addressed here, so why not now? Especially if it would help new posters know where they were. Change the name to Politics. My two cents.

Considering you actually created the new forum so a new one isn’t necessary, changing the name to help guide posters is a teeny tiny step comparatively.

Hey, this might be the only thing in the history of ATMB that everybody agrees about!

OK, almost everybody. That’s pretty good, considering.

Now that you mention it ------------

What amazes me is that people so often provide the information in the next couple posts. Sheesh – how are we going to keep them coming back by actually answering their questions earlier than Page Two? :stuck_out_tongue:
As for the OP here ----- I always took it more as general politics often being more a GD with some points being more IMHO. Elections always struck me for actual candidates and events that may effect what happens at the polls or at least relates more closely to that point in time.

In what way, shape or form do you feel I was complaining? I was asking a fucking question.

Ah, but is it a general fucking question or a specific fucking question?

It could be a Pacific-fucking question if you wanted to get wet, I suppose.