Elections should become Politics

Elections is a subset of Politics, but not vice-versa (most of the threads in Elections are about politics). And putting your post in Great Debates is not right either. Make it happen. Thanks!

I agree with this.

Thirded. Take a poll or something if you need convincing. I will be surprised if most people who care enough to vote don’t agree.

A rose by any other name. From the main page:

Elections: For discussion of elections and electoral politics, including strategy and tactics, political parties, individual races, political news, and politicians and public figures.

I think the issue is if you take politics out of GD, it becomes a shadow of itself. The main problem, to the extent it is even a problem, is redundancy. Often there are identical threads in the two forums. On the plus side, it gives folks twice the opportunity to make the same arguments they already made a dozen times before in earlier threads on the same subject. :slight_smile:

Kind of the way this thread does on the question of renaming Elections to Politics?:smiley:

I think we should go the other way and rename Elections to “Nebraska Gubernatorial Primary Elections of the First Half of the 20th Century.” Bring the risk of a crossover Great Debate slipping through down to (almost) nil.

Every time this comes up the vast majority of posters vote in favor of changing a feature that is confusing, aggravating, and plain doesn’t work. Every time the Powers That Be refuse to listen.

What a magnificent metaphor for the country as it currently is.

Maybe, sometimes, a majority of posts seem to favor some change or another, but never anything approaching a simple majority(let alone a “vast” majority) of the actual posters.

Take a closer look. Of the top 20 current threads in GD maybe 5 are about politics, 6 if you include the discussion on Brexit. There are plenty of non-political topics in GD, and there’s nothing to say you couldn’t put a political post in GD if it were in fact a Great Debate, just as you can put a political post in the Pit if it’s a rant.

The point of changing the name is so that it would gather most of the political threads and that everyone, including those who don’t read the rules every time they post, would understand that’s where they go for political discussions.

Confusing, aggravating, and doesn’t work? The forum description is pretty clear - it seems what is being asked is not only a renaming, but also redirection of thread placement. Separate forums are meant to aid in directing traffic for thread placement and I’d say it works sufficiently at the moment.

If anything, a name change with zero corresponding change in traffic direction would be fine, something like “Elections and Politics”. But since that’s asthetic only and folk seem to have no real problem it doesn’t seem to be confusing, aggravating, and in fact it does seem to work.

Again, a perfect metaphor.

Not a metaphor at all. Just pointing out that a small amount of people talking a lot is not the same thing as a lot of people talking.

Yes, and I was tempted to post links to the other threads, but was too lazy. Good catch.

For the record, I’d support either changing the name or changing the forum description to make it really about “elections”, as I’ve said in those other threads. But that’s pretty far down on the list of things I want Santa to bring this year, so I’m not going to lose any sleep if it doesn’t happen.

I did. I count 8. That’s 40%. And yes, “Brexit” is politics.

Just because it “works” doesn’t mean it can’t be improved upon. IIRC the Election forum was supposed to be temporary as a place to post about a single (the 2004? 2008? I don’t remember) U.S. Election. That fact that it’s still around and has grown well past it’s original purpose should by itself be enough reason to rename it “Politics.” (Or, “Politics & Elections,” as you suggest—that might be better.)

Despite the forum descriptions Elections and Great Debates have a lot of overlap: see this thread in GD which is directly discussing the 2020 election. Or see this thread in Elections, which has nothing to do with elections and really is only tangentially related to politics—If that was my OP I would’ve likely put it in MPSIMS because of the breaking news angle. It’s clear that the Election forum is really Great Debates: Politics.

This issue is raised every 6 months or so, and every time it arises TPTB basically say “since it ain’t broke, we ain’t fixin’ it.” No, it isn’t broken but it can certainly be improved.

Take a poll. See what other posters think. Based on past threads I agree with others above who state that most of the posters who have chimed in on this subject want the change. I mean, you guys changed all the forum names one April 1 just for laffs. Why not do this?

I recognize there is overlap. The rules at the top of each are stated that they are the same for both. There is also this:

If nothing but the name changes, what have we gained? Folks can find threads they want to participate in just fine it seems to me. And if not, the forum description helps in that regard.

I read that as saying that the forum is for discussion of elections and electoral politics, and everything after “including” goes back to “discussion of elections and electoral politics.”

So, the last inclusion- “public figures”, doesn’t mean threads public figures in general are to be started in that forum, just threads about public figures as they relate to “discussion of elections and electoral politics.”

Some thread moves out of that forum indicate that some mods at least sometimes agree with that. For instance, below is a link to a thread titled “Most amazing/outlandish Trump facts” that was moved to IMHO with the following reasoning:


Another example, note my bolding:


Another example: A thread titled “Trump’s State Department won’t carry out sanctions against Russia.”


It’s regarding public figures, a politician, it’s political news, it’s regarding both main political parties, the OP mentions cynics regarding the topic under discussion a strategy or tactic, yet:

Agreed, but there is, in fact, a problem in the “Elections” forum. I understand that it was created to keep the numerous elections discussions out of GD, and that was a fine goal. The problem is that it has been morphing into a general political forum, and political non-election threads have not been treated consistently by all mods at all times. I’ve seen some threads closed or moved with mod comments like “the election is over” or “this isn’t about an election” yet others on exactly the same topics (like a discussion of a long-past election, or a purely political discussion) have been allowed.

To me this is the part that could be described as “confusing”. In fact one of my own rare threads, about Trudeau’s inauguration and first day on the job following a historic election, was deemed inappropriate for “Elections” by no less than two different mods – JC said “this is more IMHO than Elections” but forgot to actually move it, so Tom came along and did, with the additional comment “This is really not Elections related. (The election is over.)”. But “Elections” is full of threads about many aspects of an election long since over. So it’s certainly confusing to me what the rules are and where to put a political thread, and by the same token, where to find one.


And you also have subjects that can spread across a couple forums depending on how the OP is worded and just what information is being sought. Is medical marijuana an issue in your current elections? (Elections) Do you care about a leaders stand on medical marijuana? (IMHO) Should state actions force the Federal Government to marijuana reform? (GD) Almost everything in American life has some aspect of politics involved; it may just be too broad a brush for a forum title to me.

For those who think the forum description is all that is needed I propose a new forum called Eggs. It’s description is “Eggs: For discussion of eggs, poultry, beef, pork and other meats. And also Astrology.”