Most amazing/outlandish Trump facts.

Trump beat 16 contenders to become the Republican presidential nominee and then he turned around and defeated the best candidate the Democrats had to offer.

If you are a US citizen, he is your president.

Donald Trump’s Uncle, Dr. John Trump was apparently a legit smart guy, Professor Emeritus at MIT and a large figure in the fields of electrical engineering, radar, physics and cancer treatments in the field of radiation therapy, and water sterilization with electrons, and helped with the development of the Van de Graaff generator.

Trump doesn’t think so.

Trump was interviewed by Sacha Baron Cohen’s Ali G character.

It’s a short clip where Cohen/Ali G was promoting a glove that was to be worn while eating ice cream -you know, so your hands wouldn’t get messy as it melted. Trump wasn’t especially amused and cut the interview short.

Trump is the first president since Herbert Hoover who never sought (nor occupied) a political office and who did not serve in the military. (Eisenhower never ran nor served as a politician but had a rather successful military career.)

His older sister is a Republican judge who was nominated for the 3rd circuit court of appeals by Bill Clinton in 1999 and served until 2011

Whatever this is, it is not a discussion about elections.
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John Glover played Daniel Clamp in Gremlins 2: The Next Batch, who was blatant parody of Trump.

To be fair to Trump, that’s a pretty standard requirement for celebrity divorces.

Trump turned a 1 million loan into several billion dollars and created countless jobs.

Disclaimer: I didn’t vote for him.

Trump is donating his salary to various government programs.

How many of those jobs were in his bankrupt companies? How many small businesses have folded because he refused to pay them?

I understand he has stiffed suppliers but I still think his net job creation is positive. The Trump Organization has about 22,450 employees, not counting jobs at their suppliers.

I have 2 employees.

How many do you have?

Is that supposed to determine if my point is valid?
How many of those jobs are in the US?
The suppliers of the Trump Org. are largely overseas. All of Trumps’s products are made overseas as are/were Ivanka’s.

That may well be, but according to CNN they (in 2017) were the 48th largest privately held company in the US. I’d say that’s a pretty good turnout for a 1 million dollar start.

As to making stuff overseas, I would expect a company to make things where ever they are cheapest and most efficient to make.


The article points out that Trump’s business has grown substantially in value since he became President. Considering the numerous reports of people, organizations, and foreign countries that are offering favorable business deals to Trump’s company in exchange for him giving them favorable government deals, it’s no surprise his business has grown. He now has the office of the Presidency to sell.

Then why did you bring up the subject of jobs if you now think it’s not important?

I think jobs are important wherever they are, not just in the USA. If it’s cheaper to make something in China, then it should be made there (which will still create jobs).

Yeah, about that, the fact is that Trump stretched the truth.

That is ok, I did not either.

  1. He got about 3 million less votes than the Democratic candidate.

  2. He called for the abolishing of the electoral college, tweeting, “The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy.”

Both of those are true but in my opinion he is wrong about the EC. I think it is very important and the founding fathers were smart enough to see fit to create it. But then I am a Libertarian and think the most important Amendment is the 10th.