2010 year of the Tiger!

And it starts on Valentines day this year!

Okay a fun Poll ( my first ) and its simple- What animal are you as represented by your birthday in the chinese calendar?

Extra points if you know your coincident “element”

Feel free to tell us the attributes that you feel represent your sign and you believe you display!

Me? Am a dog! Am loyal, and have loads of cash but don’t really value it.

But I reckon you guessed that!

I’m a horse. And not just any horse but a Fire Horse. They devour their husbands, ha haaaa. (insert evil cackle)

The year I was born is a population dip in Japan as some people didn’t want fire horse girls (hard to marry off) so delayed their pregnancies. In older cycles (not every 12 years is a fire year) girl infants were smothered at birth. :frowning:

When my mother in law found out I was a fire horse she was actually rather put out and said that it answered so many reasons as to why I’m deficient in so many ways and unsuited to her darling boy. Pbtttth! He likes me the way I am!

I’m a Rat. Some attributes match - my fixed element is water, and that is represented in my career. I think Rats are said to be clever and have good organizational skills, which I’d agree with; but I do not like to be “surrounded by people” as the Rat is supposed to be.

Oh, and apparently I’m a Metal Rat. Rock on! \m/

This is the Year of the Tiger! So let’s have breakfast with the Tiger of the Year!

I’m a Fire Dragon. Apparently I’m bad ass.

I’m an Earth Horse. This has a certain distinction.

My brother is a Metal Cock. This also has a certain distinction.

My year has returned! And at the day before my birthday, no less.

Since the Chinese New Year is before the Masters, I think Tiger Woods wins the Grand Slam this year.

I’m a Water Tiger, which make me a bit more tranquil than other tigers.

I’m about as un-horsey as you can get.

Holy shit. Holy holy holy shit. Apparently, holy flung shit.

For forty years I never thought to question the accuracy of Chinese restaurants’ placemats. What could be more inviolable? In their ubiquitousness, I’ve had the “what’s your Chinese astrology sign?” a bunch of times in varying states of sobriety and inebriation. A fun topic that would every-once-in-a-great-while pop up among friends and dates. This thread is a perfect example.

Despite lacking a shred of belief in the destiny and woo-woo aspects of astrology, it’s nonetheless something of a self-identifier. I was born in the year of the cock, and that was that. Or so I thought.

If this page hasn’t been Wiki-vandalized, forty years of belief are now standing on their head due to a rounding error. I’m a monkey … an earth monkey.

The shock. The shock. My head is reeling. I think I need to go relax for a bit. Maybe fling some poo. No, better yet, I gotta call my buddy Tripitaka. Has anyone seen my staff?

I’m a dog. Not as cool as a tiger, but hey. yes, I am loyal. I enjoy calling our local chinese food place each year asking for (year of) fried rice. Guess it’ll be tiger fried rice soon!
Whats the element, never heard of it, how do you find out?

I was born 10 days before the Chinese New Year in 1982. So I’m a Metal Rooster.

True: Likes attention, blunt, thick-skinned, and ostentatious.

False: Organized, neat.

I burning your goat.

Wood rabbit. Though in Vietnamese the rabbit is a cat, which sounds cooler.

Don’t feel too bad. An old friend of mine had a tatoo of her Chinese sign. Only problem was, it was the wrong sign. It wasn’t even the sign just before ot after her birthday, either (and her birthday was in the middle of the year), it was a completely wrong sign.

My ex was the one who noticed this. This ex was British-Born Chinese of Hong Kong origin and was one of the most traditional Chinese people out there (well, except for the lesbianism). She believed in the Chinese signs so much that she asked me out purely because I was a rabbit and that worked for my sign. However, she’d once dated a woman who lied about her birthday and pretended to be a rabbit so that my ex would date her, so I ended up showing her my ID to prove I wasn’t lying.

When I had job interviews and the like, she would consult her Chinese sign expert, who’d been employed by her family for a couple of decades, and tell me to rearrange it if it was on an inauspicious day for my sign. Pretty much everything in her life was arranged around Chinese signs. Well, except for the parts of her diet which were based on her blood type.


Fire Dragon here. No idea what that means as to what traits I should have etc.

Earth monkey.

Water rabbit. Mostly wrong, except that I am chill.

I’m a Wood Tiger. I was born 12 days before Chinese New Year in 1975.

I do cry at movies, I am a bit suspicious, and I can be short-tempered. I’d like to think I’m a deep thinker.

Tiger Woods, ironically, is not a Wood Tiger. He’s a Wood Rabbit.