2011 IIHF U20 Junior Hockey Championship in Buffalo, NY

Full disclosure: I live in Canada. That’s all you need to know.

Today is the start of the IIHF U20 Hockey Junior Championship in Buffalo, NY. Ever since I started the family (my eldest is 7 years old) it has been a tradition (there’s one more*) around the Christmas to watch very interesting hockey with somewhat balanced teams. Also, it seems to be on the mind of the people as it comes in conversation and we discuss upcoming games with gusto. Canada plays Russia at 4Pm today and we all gonna watch.

When we visit in-laws who live in the heart of Alberta it is an event that people do watch. The final game usually happens in the first working week of New Year so it’s also office conversation topic (well, at least half have kids who are actively in hockey so yeah, they know). and, we will watch anything sponsored by Tim Hortons :slight_smile:

So I was wondering if in your part of the World people pay attention to this event as much as Canadians do?

** My 2nd Christmas tradition is watching 3 hours of auto auction by famous Barrett-Jackson. This time it is in Las Vegas and I watched yesterday a guy bidding 29K US on 1968 ocean blue Mustang GT . My wife knows it is one my greatest wishes in life to go at Barrett-Jackson auto auction and get me some car. Anyways, back to hockey.*

Here we the only thing on ice that we watch at this time of year (or almost any time other time) is the beer in the esky.

I think it’s followed by NHL fans in the US , especially teams that have prospects playing there. For example the Hurricanes have 2 guys on the US team and 2 for Finland.