2012 Formula One

The season starts Sunday with the Australian Grand Prix. Six World Champions. Kimi Raikkonen coming back. US Grand Prix. Looks like it may be a very exciting season…

Practice has started, Mercedes looking strong perhaps? As the BBC reports:

It would be good to see Mercedes join the big 3 to challenge for top spots. Ferrari are struggling though which serves them right for producing such an ugly car, an ugly Ferrari is not right.

It’s going to be a terrible season…for the simple reason that all cars (except McLaren) look hideous. Some new regulations meant that most cars look like a platypus gone wrong. The racing could be exiting, as long as there isn’t a single car that turns out to be better than all the others.

This year, for the first time in a long while, I will not be able to watch all the races live.

I cannot afford, and do not want, to take out a Sky subscription - so I’m stuck with terrestrial TV offerings, which means ten live races and highlights for the rest. Somehow, the BBC didn’t get coverage of the opening race.

Extended highlights for every race they don’t have live though, Sunday 2pm I think this week.

That’s not the same.


I’ll catch them, of course. And in some ways highlights are better. But one of the things I enjoy about F1 is watching evolving struggles, and I’ll be denied that.

That’s too bad. I see them all on Speed Channel. I do really dislike when FOX gets a few races. Hardly any pre race, more commercials, and hardly any post race. Lucky to see a few words from the winner.

Still better than you have it though, so I’ll stop complaining…

I’ll complain! FOX sucks. NO pre-race, NO post-race interview and a general dumbing down of commentary.

Practice was fun today. A lot of hype over having 6 World Champs in the field, and I don’t think I saw a single lap by 2 or 3 of them!

And, yeah, some of those cars are ugly, but I bet they correct that pretty quick.

FOX Sports Latin America (basically an Argentinian outfit) has pre-race, qualis, race, and post-race for all dates. It goes on regular cable.

It has to be an exciting season even with the ugly cars.

I missed practice because of a (now corrected) full DVR. All set to record quali & the race. Unluckily, I have too early a start tomorrow to watch quali live @2am local. Something to look forward to later, especially with skipping the commercials.

I finally got a DVR just before the last race last season. Used to always miss something for some annoying little reason before that. Now, I’m in the Tall Cotton! :stuck_out_tongue:

Watched qualy late last night, and skipped the Hoochie-Mama commercials. As a Ferreri nut, I was not too pleased. :rolleyes:

In the brief interview I saw with Alonso, he admitted he made a mistake. He should have been able to take a Q3 place if not for that.

As for Massa, I wasn’t surprised.

Anyone think that the objections to the Mercedes tech will be sustained?

Also, good for whoever decided HRT could not run tomorrow.

HRT can go down in flames for sacking Liuzzi…!

Have you tried 5 Live? Listening to Grand Prix coverage on the radio is actually pretty good. Available over the air and online at BBC 5 Live

That Sam Posey dreck has* got to go!*

I find that listening to radio tends to be a background noise, not something I focus my mind on. It won’t do the same job of keeping my attention.

I watched about three-quarters of the race in highlights. Alonso may have won, but that doesn’t mean the Ferrari isn’t a bad car; it is. It’s just that the Ferrari team, as a whole, rode the problems better, and that Alonso is a superlative driver. Where did Massa finish? Fifteenth, with Alonso having closed to within five seconds of lapping him.

I suspect that unless bad wether intervenes again, it’ll be back to the “bad Ferrari design” next race.

Alonso confirmed this in his post race interview. The team will focus on improving the car. I think all those in Marenello know this was a gift from the weather gods and taken advantage of by Alonso. They know they have work to do.

Don’t count out the Scuderia too soon! (3rd in points still gets lots of money!)

One thing they don’t have to work on is pit stops damn they are fast this year, overtaken Red Bull for pit efficiency.

What an odd race as so often happens with variable rain, Button is rightly annoyed with himself as he knows he is probably the best racer in those conditions but one dumb mistake and you are out of it. Slightly worrying that Hamilton didn’t make up any ground on the front two but the driver of the day no doubt was Perez, very clean stuff from him.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to say they’re finished. But I do like to see them taken down a peg or two.

Congratulations to Eddie Jordan, Honorary OBE.