Formula 1 2022

Interesting news out of Las Vegas about a potential race.

Anyway, here’s a 2022 thread as Bahrain testing begins.

Well, dammit, I used to live in Las Vegas and I’ve never been to an F1 race. It’ll be great to have three in the US, but they’re all about as far as you can get from me, now that I live in Boston. This year’s Miami race would have been more convenient when I lived in Atlanta, up till last year.

F1: how about Watkins Glen again? (And yes, I know it won’t happen because the track doesn’t have the fire-class amenities the series requires now.)

I guess my best option now is Montreal, but it won’t happen this year.

That should obviously have been “first-class.” I’m an editor, and it really pisses me off when I seen an eror l made after the edit window has closed.

Boulevard Tower rooms at Cosmopolitan are going to go for thousands a night for that race. The right room high enough and you can see half the race track.

Less than 10 minutes until lights out at Bahrain. Will Ferrari take it tonight? Let’s go!

Well, that was eventful.

Kinda dull in the middle, but good fun at the end!

That was certainly the most interesting race in recent memory. Maybe the new car setups are working out (for most teams). Quick thoughts immediately after the race:

  • Leclerc and Verstappen trading places several times in quick succession. I don’t know if my heart can take so much excitement.
  • Sudden three-stop strategy from Red Bull, et al??? Ferrari had better respond.
  • Gasly’s car caught on fire, bringing out the safety car, alllowing Ferrari to pit and rendering the three stop strategy moot.
  • Ferrari really pulled it off!
  • Hamiliton sneaking onto the podium after both Red Bulls DNF.
  • Haas looking good in midfield. Mazepin was really weighing them down.
  • WTF happened to McLaren?

It did seem like cars were following much closer than in recent years. As one of the goals for the new rules package, it looks to be going well.

As an American, it’s nice to see Haas do well. Not up among the elite teams maybe, but certainly better than last year.

As the Sky Sports team was doing their standup before the race, did anyone else see Jackie Stewart behind them? I thought Martin might find him during the grid walk.

The litmus test will be Monaco. Will we see passing there or are the cars still too big?

Was aerodynamics really the reason there’s so little passing at Monaco? Even if you can get right up to the gearbox of the car you’re following, there are few places to make a pass, and not much room to do it.

Well, previously we hardly saw any passing even on wide open tracks. This one race saw plenty of passing, not just in front but also in the back. The cars this year are about the same size, if not a bit larger than previously, so some other factor than size must be responsible. It’s likely the new aerodynamic configuration, unless you want to give credit to Pirelli. So my question is: Will this continue to hold throughout the season, especially in the cozy confines of Monaco?

The rule changes certainly shook things up, and rearranged the grid and the final outcome over what might have been expected.

WTF happened to McLaren?

Indeed. Ricciardo is one of my favorite drivers, and I was very dismayed to see him at the back of the grid.

I have one small question: does anyone know why Mick Schumacher’s abbreviation on the leader board is MSC instead of SCH? Back when his father was racing, “MSC” distinguished him from his brother Ralf (“RSC”). Now that neither of the elder Schumachers are running, why wouldn’t his son be SCH? Is it a tribute to his father? If so, it seems to be something of a slight to Mick.

Congratulations to LeClerc. Fully deserved. Bonus 3/4 for Merc. They’'ll be ecstatic with that.

3 out of 4 Red Bull power units failed this weekend and 0 points for them, that’s got to be a worry.

Great race. I’m surprised that we didn’t see more front wing debris. Those things are huge and so exposed.

Nice to see Sky adding commentators like Naomi Schiff. I liked her interview with Lewis.

Well that was fascinating. Ferrari seems to be back, which is great for the sport. Hopefully that will continue. Felt bad for Red Bull. And Haas finished 5th!

Unless he specifically requested it.

Yeah, that occurred to me shortly after the edit window closed.

Well, I missed the start of this thread, but I posted this in the old one:

I’ve been saying for a couple years to whomever would listen: Any single weekend of F1 has more sporting drama than any month of baseball, or even any season of American football possibly excluding the playoffs. I certainly enjoyed the race this morning (evening, whatever) more than I enjoyed the Super Bowl. The Ferrari finish, Magnussen, Zhou, and Bottas’ drives and finishes, whatever is going on with with Red Bull power unit…

Also, after being really stoked for the Netflix show, I was disappointed. There were so many things from last season I wish they had time (or chose) to cover. All in all it was a pretty flat season of the show as far I I’m concerned.

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