2013 Nominations for the most attractive female journalist.

Amy Chozick

Annie Lowery

Emily Bazelon





Is it just me, or are these women… not attractive? :dubious:

Is this a whoosh, because honestly… :o

This is the cute Emily Bazelon


They’re not stunners but by journalism industry standards, they’re quite beautiful. They’re also smart and interesting, that enhances their attractiveness.

Also, why specifically female journalists?

If I had to pick one… Emily. Yeah, Emily.

They all lose to French newscaster (hey, she has a masters in journalism) Melissa Theuriau.

Can I change my vote? :smiley:

Not intending to threadshit here, but we’re still judging female journalists on their looks? Sigh.

How about ESPN Sports Journalist Mayanti Langer? She has dark features, as she is Indian.

We’re not judging their journalistic abilities. Just enjoying looking at them, OK?

Yes, we’re admiring beauty.

You might have a point if the thread was entitled “2013 Nominations for the best female journalist”, but its not.

I guess your response typed itself then?

To answer your question, yes, this thread is judging female journalists attractiveness based on their looks. Feel free to start a thread judging male journalists on their looks, or one not specifying sex at all.

Kendra Davis, our (very) local cutie pie, deserves a mention.

Considering that the OP’s companion thread to this could be summarized as “the homely chicks write about feminism more, amirite?” she may have a point.

Here’s another of Mayanti Langer, this one where she’s almost spilling out of her outfit.

I would like to nominate Anne-Marie Green:

Dude, your eyes are broken. Plain, even by journalistic standards.

I’ll see your list, and raise you:

Lindsay Wilcox
Amanda Guerra
Dominque Sachse (and she’s in her 40s!)

Two women I know and have worked with:

Krista Erickson - who, granted, make some SPECTACULAR mistakes and is looking for a job (she’s pretty tough and will find something good), and

Daniella Ponticelli - who is a bright shining star on the rise

Daljit Dhaliwal. She’s been a favorite of mine for years.