Your biggest, non-entertainment industry related crush?

We’re not counting: singers, dancers, ‘entertainers’, actresses, actor, acrobat, or just to narrow the herd - athletes. Because although they’re not strictly for entertainment, they do entertain. Also, it’s more fun to narrow the field.

I guess this leaves, politics, press (though TV news is a borderline call), public servants, activists, businesspeople…

Me? Almost hands down it’s Valerie Plame. I’d be undercover so fast her head would spin.

And yours?

Yulia Tymoshenko

Gavin NewsomYum.

Even with the hair helmet, although I like to imagine it down , preferably say…just after a shower.

I’ll be in my bunk.

Co-sign on Valerie Plame. You get sloppy 2nds, Mr. Bus Guy.

Also, White House Press Secretary Dana Perino.

I second Yulia Tymoshenko. Lawd ha’ mercy!

Chelsea Clinton. We’re roughly the same age (she’s a year older than me), but I’ve always had a little crush on her.

Born in 1960?!!! :eek:

I respectfully nominate Michaël Jean.

Soledad O’Brien


For me, it was Dominique Sachse on KPRC in Houston, about 10 years ago.

(yes, I know she’s still there, but not quite so stunningly hot as she was)

Without a doubt, Princess Madeleine Bernadotte of Sweden!

She da bomb!

She almost had me, right until I read this:

My bolding. I mean, cute and blonde only gets you so far in life…

Okay, you’ve convinced me.

Good fun: Go to her Wiki page, have Google translate it into english. Of course, now I forget which link I used, but at the bottom of somewhere, I found this gem.

Not personally, but I’ve seen a number of women (and oh so inclined men) on this board admit an attraction to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Hubba hubba.

Her Highness of Hot is right there at the top. And it’s a well documented fact that Swedish Princesses dig Delaware!
I’ve always thought Nora O’Donnell was the best looking woman on television, entertainer or not.
At least since that Sally Star crush every boy in the Delaware Valley had all through the 60’s.

Ian [del]HandsomeManThing[/del] Hanomansing of CBC News.


Rachel Sklar of Huffington Post and various other media. I actually wrote her once asking to be considered for an “eligible man” search she was doing for; sadly it all came to naught, else I would be posting now as Beware of Sklar-Doug. :frowning:

No love for Elizabeth Kucinich?

She almost got me to vote for her husband!

Kyra Phillips, although I prefer her hair shorter, if for no other reason then her sense of humor.

Anderson Cooper, my older guy crush.