Stupid crushes on people you'll never meet

I have a pointless crush on Emily Brewster, an associate editor at She contributes to the little “Ask the Editor” usage or grammar question videos that appear on the site, and does so extremely … uh … competently.

I never miss a one.

I didn’t used to think that I had a thing for the stereotypical hot librarian…

Sample linky.

Ira Glass, host of This American Life. He’s genuinely curious about everyone he interviews (or at least has the decency to fake it), he’s witty and he knows how to make fun of himself. He totally charms me every show.

Lindsey Deluce is an anchor for a Toronto based news channel. I swear if it wasn’t for her I’d be even more clueless than I already am about current events!

Nicole Kidman

Suzanne Leonard, one of the afternoon anchors on The Weather Network.

Linda Ellerbee ------ only good thing I found during the Iranian Hostage thing.

As a teenager, it was Carl Sagan. His brain was soooo sexy. Tom Brokaw and Robert Reich.

And strangely enough, that bad boy, Shan Yu, the Hun leader, from the Disney movie ‘Mulan’.
You did say stupid crushes right?

Young Graham Chapman.

Three things working against me:

  1. He’s nearly 50 years my senior
  2. He’s gay
  3. He’s dead.

The ultimate of stupid crushes. And yet, there it is.

Probably the now none-existent band Sleater-Kinny. All I’m saying is given the chance I would have an orgy with the band, instruments and all.

It’s not stupid, because he’s awesome, but it’s to the extent where it makes me stupid. A-durrr.

Mike Holmes. Mm, look at him. Look at him. And, yes, he’s competent. Sigh. I love him.

Anderson Cooper

I see your Mike Holmes and raise you one Scott McGillivray with his big doofy perfect Canadian smile and his aboots and his ruffs and his washrooms. And yes, with the competence. Why are the Canadians so competent? What’s in the water up there?

I have to say mine would be Sergeant Ashleigh Bryant, a Marine who currently works as a reporter on the Pentagon Channel, one of several television channels produced by the US military for broadcast to the troops overseas.

I dunno, she’s very cute. Also, the Marine service uniforms tend to be rather flattering for the females compared to the Air Force blues.

A pretty recent clip I found online

Here’s one from 2009

And here’s a clip with her in the tan uniform.

**Elizabeth Shue **c.1988 (i.e. when she was in Cocktail).

Russell Crowe has long held the top spot for me and I cannot tell you exactly why. Maybe because he isn’t too pretty and he doesn’t play the Hollywood Game.

Wendy Cope wrote a poem about that feeling. :slight_smile:

I have a wickedly stupid crush on one of the Deadliest Catch boys, and I will not reveal who, but I don’t think it’s that stupid, because most of those guys are crazy bad-asses (with a few utter tools thrown into the mix).

Aaaannnnd… Spank Bank.

Claire Robinson from the Food Network. I watch her show all the time, I believe it’s called “Woah, that hot chick is cooking something or whatever, damn son.”

The whole cast of the Big Bang Theory. Sigh. What can I say? I’m almost forty and have a thing for the nerdy ones.