Who do you have a crush on right...NOW? {redux}

About a year ago, I posted this threadasking for crushes as of that moment. [Hey don’t post there or I’ll be in big trouble for reanimating.] I am curious to see how different or the same the answers would be so if you answered there, how does it compare to who makes your heart pitterpat today?

And obviously if you didn’t answer there, feel free to add your crush du jour.

For me, I still have remnants of warm feelings for the IT guy but have moved on to a…compelling consultant whose days are numbered. It makes all that much more dramatic.

Chico the electrician, Evan Farmer, Chip Foose, Chris Garver…yeah, none of them is as swoony as they were then. It’s all about the sardonic now…Hugh Laurie being at the top of the list.

Freema Agyeman from Doctor Who.

So, naturally, they’ve written her out. :frowning:

Mike Rowe.

Nuff said.

Cubs 1st baseman Derrek Lee.

I am watching the X-Files form the beginning. It’s practically rband-new to me, I’ve never seen any before.

So, naturally, I have a big ol’ crush on Fox Mulder.

Ray Dorset (Mungo jerry) ooooooohhhhhh :wink:


The way I feel about the Discovery Channel, though, it’s almost better than porn.

Two of my female friends. Unrequited. 'ventually move on to a new relationship whereby they’ll go back into cold storage (the crushes, not the friends, you yuksters out there) until the next breakup.

And also, Stephanie Miller. Yum.

The guy who plays Peter Petrelli on Heroes, or either Danny or Flack from CSI:NY

No real life crushes though, well not really…

I always have a couple of crushes going. It improves the quality of my day. Right now there are a couple of guys in my office that are intriguing, a friend-of-a-friend, and a guy I see occasionally at a local bar. None of these guys are dateable, for various reasons, but that just makes the crushes all the more delicious. Crushes aren’t meant to be consumated. They’re meant to provide us with the outlet of shameless flirting, which can truly *be * shameless, because it’s guaranteed to be without consequence.

There’re a couple co-workers that I think are attractive and fun to talk to but wouldn’t say I have crushes on, but I do have two long-distance friends that I’m smitten by. One lives in Philadelphia, who I last visited in January and am already contemplating visiting again, and another that lives in Australia that I’m currently applying for a passport so I can visit her in 2009.

In the entertainment industry, I’m currently quite taken with Regina Spektor. I saw her live at Bonnaroo two weeks ago and she was amazing. I really liked her before but now I think I’m in love.

I also think Ms Purl McKnittington is kinda neat.

Her name is Nicole and she’s cuuuuuute.

It used to be Mike Rowe and Grissom (not the actor, the character) from CSI (Vegas)

Now it’s Nathan Fillion. Swoon.

Guy from work (still). He’s older and married which is the whole point of having a crush really - you should ideally have them on somebody unattainable so they don’t get in the way of real life. I don’t see him very often, just enough to keep my fantasies ticking over. :slight_smile:

I got nuttin. I can’t even remember when I last met a woman that I was interested in.

Alexis Bledel from The Gilmore Girls…
I would love to buy her a cup of coffee… or 6…

I have a slight crush on one of my friends (which wasn’t helped much when some mutual friends had us make out). I also have a crush on one of my other friends, which has been going on since the beginning of the last school year.

Oh, and Fox Mulder and Dana Scully from the X-Files. Smart and hot. sigh…

I have a crush on my best buddy of all time. I’ve known this guy for like 20 years and we’ve never been more than friends. Nobody, including ourselves, can figure out why we’ve never gone beyond that. He was my roommate in graduate school. We worked together for years, went on vacations together. He taught me how to drive about as fearlessly as is possible for me.

After several years of seeing him almost never, we’ve started hanging out a lot. At one of our recent weekly All-You-U-Can-Drink-A-Thons, I started looking at him differently.

His life and mine have diverged. We’re on opposite sides of a big divide in so many ways. It’s like a bad movie. :rolleyes:

It’s uncool to pursue this, and that’s why it’s going to stay a crush. But, hey, it’s fun to think about it! :cool:

That’s it exactly!

My current crush is on “the cute instructor” at my taekwondo studio. He doesn’t teach any of my classes, but he’s often hanging around during my class. I see him about once a week. He’s just got that charming smile, totally flirty eyes…<sigh>. Of course he’s happily married, and so am I, but like Zelie said, isn’t that the point? Someone unattainable you just dream about.

Robert Sean Leonard. Aka Dr. Wilson on “House M.D.” Yum!