Who do you have a crush on right...NOW?

Again, with the crush thread. Looking back, yes, I can see where I was coming from on some of those, but the latest and greatest is

HGTV’s Income Property’s Scott McGillivray

Dark hair, olive skin, and he can make this into this.

Check your old entries or add new ones. Who is it today?

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(sigh) :wink:

Which incarnation?

The blonde hottie who is downstairs playing with my daughter right now.

At the moment, nobody.

Applications to fill this vacancy may be submitted by PM.


Too bad she lives 2488 miles away.

Simon Pegg. Don’t tell Mr. Snicks.

(I’m kidding. Mr. Snicks already knows.)

Sleeps With Butterflies.

Sorry Sleeps…Your posts are always terribly interesting, I love a girl who’s opinionated, and I’ve seen your picture and…wow.

A gentlemen known to my friends as Mr. TDH (tall, dark, and handsome) – incredibly attractive and totally out of my league. He’s ten years younger than I, a full professor at an Ivy League school, smart, accomplished in various fields outside his area of academic expertise, and really, really good-looking.

I’m trying to decide whether to go along with the “just friends” thing that we’ve got going – he is, in general, excellent company – or whether that’s going to drive me completely freaking nuts. (checks again to see if there’s an email from him)

Jon Stewart.

In between crushes. Just finished a good one, but that’s good and gone at this point.

After a spectacular ‘fail’ the last time I was truly and totally overwhelmed out of the blue, I have pretty much avoided romance, but for a fling here and there.

I just don’t have the time for anything but crushes, and unrequited crushes can get soul wearing if you let them go on too long…

The Edge. He makes me completely, utterly, crazy in the head.

Toni Kessering.

Some girl from some cafe a while back. Girl from cafe, I’m thinking about you :smiley:

And that barista from 'bucks a few days ago. Yep, coffee’s my aphrodisiac.

January Jones on Mad Men.


The girl at work who used to be an intern, then disappeared for a few months, then magically reappeared as a fully fledged reporter. She even does that remove-glasses-let-hair-tumble-over-shoulders thing; it’s most distracting for a married man.

I am happily not crushing on anyone at the moment. I don’t like crushing unless I stand a chance with someone. And I know I don’t with any celebrities. I hate sitting around wanting what I can’t have.

Still, to at least sort of answer the thread, I’ll name one of my largest crushes in the past: Soleil Moon Frye. (And not as Punky Brewster, you pervs :p)

Been thinking about the girl who I was madly in love with when I graduated High School, the only person who could have kept me where I grew up. Haven’t thought much about her in years, but I had a dream about her last night. Gorgeous tall blonde, but I was stuck right in the ‘friend’ category.

The old fogey from U2, or the pretty good looking Wrestler?

She’s in my Visual Communications class. She’s blond, blue-eyed, willowy, tomboyish, intelligent, with cat-eye glasses and a distracting expanse of lower back she always shows while sitting down. She also has a serious speech impediment: she can’t pronounce r or l at all.