Who do you have a crush on right...NOW?

If you’re anything like me, you go through crushes like Kleenex. And in my case, it’s always on unattainable people so I can look but don’t have to touch.

So before I move on, I’ll go on record as having a short but intense crush on one of our IT administrators…the way he is able to translate tech talk into something I can almost understand with such intelligence and confidence…yum. And he is not intimidated by the glazed-over look a non-techie like me gets…

OMG, he just walked by! SQUEEEE…

Tomorrow, who knows!


Vincent D’Onofrio. I’m addicted to Law and Order CI. He’s a combo creepy/geeky hot.

And also our company’s partner from London. He comes to visit every once in a while. He looks like a soccer thug

Does it have to be a real person we know?

How sad is this? I have a crush on V. You know, V. The lead in V for Vendetta.


The Olympus guy who comes and services the machines in the lab. Four years I’ve been here and I still don’t know his name. He’s just “the Olympus guy with the butt.”

Ooo, we had copier guy once who looked a lot like Ray Liotta. No, I didn’t jam the copier on purpose… :wink:

Meghan from my gym. She’s stunningly beautiful. Face, body, everything… Seems to be quite smart as well.

Trouble is, she’s got the look like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. Or anywhere else for that matter.

Impossible women… falling in love with impossible women…that’s my curse. :smack:

Nobody, for once. And it’s so peaceful!

I’m sure that will change next week.

Jon Stewart. No one IRL at the moment.

One of my best friends ex-girlfriends (how sleezy is that!!)

He told me a long time ago he wants me to T & B it, but I wouldn’t. It is just wrong somehow.

But she is from northern India and she is so freaking hot I can’t stand it… and she calls me a few times a week… and I sort of have a SO right now…


The blonde mobster guy from the Verizon commercials.

And the vet who comes out to the horse ranch where I work. I’ve known him for years and I’ve always had a little crush on him.

Kurt Russell has been ongoing for years but he’s still lookin mighty fine in the Poseidon trailers.

Orlando Bloom would just be…so wrong.

I’d post mine with no problem, but I’m afraid it’d be a thread-killer.

Sorry. :wink:

What’s “T & B”?

Right now, nobody.

I kinda miss it.

My flute instructor. She’s small, and smells like pretty perfumed soap, and has bouncy silky brown hair with an alligator clip in it and big luminous blue eyes, and I love the way the skin between her eyebrows crinkles down when she plays, and the way she touches my mouth and chin to show me what muscles to use.

The gal who took my PowerBook in for a new hardrive today. And consulted with me about it yesterday. I got her by chance each time: you take a number. She’s not so small, and has gray eyes and freckles and long brown hair and a great smile, and very sweet, and she said she hopes she sees me again when I come pick it up. I may not wait that long… :smiley: this may be the nicest hardrive crash ever.

Her :smiley:

My husband.

I feel the same way about him as the day I married him, and our lives together just keep getting better and better. He’s my best friend, my soul mate, and the only human being who could possibly put up with me for a lifetime.

Couple guys from work. Won’t go beyond that.

And Hugh Laurie/Robert Sean Leonard/Jesse Spencer.


Oops, but forgot to mention my #1 Board crush, Colibri.

I have a crush on every boy.