2014: Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry tweet quips.

Laurie had met the Queen while attending a BAFTA gala.

Hugh Laurie: “I’ve had my anti-monarchist periods in the past, but I admit I was bowled over by the Queen. She is a very bright light.”

Stephen Fry: “I think you brought out the best in her, M’coll. Especially when you licked her neck.”

Hugh Laurie: “Embarrassing, isn’t it? One glass of champagne and suddenly I can’t tell the difference between a stamp and the real thing.”

As you can see on twitter, Laurie’s final tweet was several hours after Fry’s, so it may not have been off the cuff, but it’s still great.

That’s funny, right there. I love Hugh Laurie and Stephen Frye. They would fit in a dinner party of my favorite celebs.

A bit of Fry and Laurie has so much great humor. Anyone who hasn’t seen all the seasons should make every effort to do so right now.

They were the Bertie and Jeeves of my dreams.

Same here. I can’t watch House because I keep thinking it’s all a silly charade involving Bertie Wooster.