2016 story where grandson swindles grandparents out of their home. Were there any updates on this?

Ran into this very sad story Elderly couple scammed out of their home by greedy grandson and

here Couple scammed out of home by grandson will move into mobile home

A picture of the dirtbag is in the slideshow here -Elderly couple scammed from home by grandson gets 60 more days to vacate

Were there ever any updates to this story beyond the old couples move to the mobile home? Is the dirtbag grandson Chadd Moore being brought to justice?

They signed over the deed to the grandson. It was legally his to sell.

It’s a disturbing story. I don’t think there’s much authorities can do. Unless some deception was used to get his elderly relatives to sign the house over to him.

Maybe they could get him on undeclared income for taxes? That’s how they got Al Capone.

I hope the internet shaming has ruined his life.

Some updates in this Go Fund me page set up on the couple’s behalf.

I hope this goes well for them.

Never trust a Chad.

On a first, quick read of the article, I thought there was a tenant renting the second floor.

No more Werther’s Originals for Chad.

any guy who incessantly takes pics of himself shirtless is not likely to be affected by shame.