2016 Super Bowl

The Super Bowl deserves its own thread, so here it is.

Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers

Carolina is an early 4.5 point favorite

Denver has the best defense in the NFL this year, but the Panthers are right there with them.

Carolina has a better offense and has a very versatile running game.

It certainly seems like it’s the Panthers’ year. The general consensus around the Charlotte area is that Peyton is too immobile at this point in his career to avoid the pass rush the Panthers will bring, and he doesn’t have the arm strength to hurt them deep.

I think that’s accurate, but I also think it’s quite possible that this will be Manning’s last game and he may have enough left to mount one more great game. He is Peyton Manning after all.

#1 D vs #1 O *

I hope we get four full quarters of excitement.

  • by my reckoning anyways, haven’t looked at official numbers

The season ended last week. In the upcoming exhibition game the Panthers have it all over the Broncos, except for experience. Really tough call on this win, I’ll just go with performance this season, Panthers win by 7. And trust me when I say this, that prediction is close to worthless.

And every year I’m told that it’s OK to pay a slightly above average NFL QB $20 million a year or draft a project QB #1 because offenses win championships. Give me a Von Miller, a Luke Kuechly, or an Aaron Donald over a Eli Manning, a Joe Flacco, or a Blake Bortles anyday. I’m usually glad to see a defensive minded team with a strong running game in the Super Bowl, and especially happy that I don’t hate the team like I did Pete Carroll’s Seahawks or Colin Kaepernick’s 49ers.

Panthers 34, Broncos 23

Broncos 28
Panthers 24

I hope so

Cardiac cats jump out to a 21 to nothing lead at the half. The Manning led broncos come back to tie it at 31 each with 3 seconds left on the clock. The first over time super bowl will occur, and it will not be a single over time. It will be a dog fight through triple over time before Manning’s old arm can no longer keep pace and he throws a lame duck that Kuechly intercepts for his third pick 6 in three post season games. Panthers win 37- 31.

As much as I’d like to see Newton get his first ring, I’d rather see Manning go out a winner.

This is one of the few Super Bowls in which I’ll be very happy for whichever team wins, and sad for the loser. But I just think Cam deserves it more than Manning. Cam has elevated himself into the best offensive player in football.

That said, the game is more than just quarterbacks and there are many players on both sides who deserve the ring.

As opposed to Denver setting a new record in fewest seconds between opening kickoff and opponent score (currently 12 seconds). Yeah, I would like to see Denver play well (and Carolina too). Frankly, a game a little bit like SB 49 would be just fine, more so since Seattle wouldn’t be the one losing in the last 20 seconds. :smack:

In my officially disinterested opinion, a game in which both sides play great and go at it hammer and tongs, and the loser is the team to make the last mistake… that would be the ideal game.

Carolina 24, Denver 21

And you can be the Rams, who aren’t going anywhere without an Eli Manning, Joe Flacco, or Blake Bortles at QB.

You’re really going to call out 2 guys with as many rings as Rodgers? What kind of performance does Cam Newton need to have for you to give him any sort of credit in this game?

Before the AFC championship game, I expected NE to blow Denver out of the water. And I still think they might have had the game not been played in Denver. NE doesn’t play well here - never has.

But the near-perfect defensive scheme that the Broncos used against the Pats has given me second thoughts about their chances in the SB. If Wade Phillips is the man I think he is and has been prepping for weeks for a potential match against Carolina, he might have an equally shutdown scheme up his sleeve. The Bronco D is capable of delivering it, if he does and if they are on their game.

OTOH, there is something about that Carolina team that whispers “destiny”. With Newton, they have the invincibility of youth, that absolute, unshakeable confidence that eventually gets beat out of a team and its individual players, but which they possess in spades right now. And Luke Keuchley is the Terminator of the '10s.

It’s a classic cinematic scenario - wily old experienced vet on his last legs versus talented athletic cocky newcomer with all the tools. I hope it’s the hard-fought, hard-won game that it should be under these circumstances, and not a rollover by either team.

I do have a Manning bias, being a former Hoosier/current Coloradan, and a bit of a wily old vet myself. I’d like to see Manning go out with the glory moment. But youth must also be served, and I admire Newton for the turnaround he’s made from the sullen, friendless rookie that sat alone on the end of the bench with a towel over his head, not speaking to anyone when not on the field, that he was in his first year. He’s put on his big boy trousers (at least some of the time) and become his team’s leader. And love him or hate him, he has one helluva lot of FUN out there.

This game is basically impossible to predict. Carolina played the #1 defense two weeks ago, and put up 31 points in a half. But Carolina also got shutout for a half against the #1 defense. Manning’s not that good anymore, but I don’t think he makes a lot of mistakes in this game. So it’s really going to come down to whether or not the Broncos D can play like Seattle in the second half. Or if Carolina can move the ball on them like against Seattle in the first half (though to be fair, a lot of those first half points came off Seattle offensive mistakes.)

I’ll put my nickel down on the Broncos with the points.

I can also be Denver with their one foot in the grave QB or Seattle with a couple trips to the Super Bowl on the strength of their defense and running game. You can be the Giants with a bloated QB salary and miss the playoffs 6 out of the last 7 years.

Ah, yes. The old “they have more rings so they must be great QB’s” argument. I never tire of hearing that one. Neither does Dan Marino. Or Peyton Manning. Or Brad Johnson. Or Trent Dilfer.

He’s had a great season. If he has a good game, I’ll give him credit. I don’t look at his name and decide beforehand what credit I’m going to give him. If the Broncos turn the ball over 7 times, I might not give him the credit for the win though. Can I at least wait for the game to happen?

That Cam Newton smiles a lot and sure does seem to love the game of football. Man, that makes me furious. I hope he dies in the first quarter and Denver wins 200 to -3.

20 teams would have gladly given Eli that contract.

The Giants and Ravens did not win in spite of Flacco and Manning. Go look at their playoff stats, for chrissakes. This is a dumb argument

If the Panthers offense puts them ahead by 2 scores in the second half, and the Broncos have to pass their way back into the game, does the defense get all the credit for the ensuing interceptions and sack strips?

SNL fake commercial:

“Hi, I’m Eli Manning. I don’t always get to go to the Superbowl. But when I do, I beat the Patriots.”


And the Giants did. And he’s hovered around the 13-17th highest rated QB since then, and the Giants have made the playoffs just once in 7 years.

And the Ravens and Bucs didn’t win in spite of Dilfer and Johnson either. They were average QB’s who weren’t asked, and didn’t have to, do much for their team to win it all.

They are both capable, and have, played very well. Flacco’s 4 game run through the Super Bowl and a Manning’s 2011 playoffs were very good. Flacco especially played very well … for a short period of time. As long as you get to cherry pick the sample size and ignore their slightly above average performance in the other 30 games or so, sure, they’re elite. But I’d still rather a dominant defender who plays to an elite level more than a couple times a year.

Not all the credit. But, once again, how about we wait until the game is played? Or are you saying that the Panthers beat the Cardinals solely because of Cam Newton?

I’m selfish; as a Colts fan, I wish Manning the best. However, I hope Carolina wins. If Manning wins, then I can see him going into the HoF as a Bronco. If he only wins one ring, then I can see him signing a one-day deal to retire as a Colt, meaning that he’d be a Colt in the HoF.