2018 U.S. Open (tennis)

I see a Serena catsuit thread, but nothing on the tournament overall.

I was really impressed with Thiem in his gripping five-setter against Nadal. I had seen his name around the past couple years, but this was the first time I’ve really sat and watched him play. He’s awesome! I think he is my new favorite player.

Really impressed with Osaka on the women’s side. I hope she gives Serena a run for her money in the final.

Amazing tournament for Japanese players, and for black women.

Sad that Keys lost, but I love Serena and I’ll be rooting for her in the final. I like Osaka too, and so I won’t be too disappointed if she wins.

I strongly dislike Serena, so I root against her (usually in vain, LOL) in every match.

That was some twist. Naomi did out play Serena first set.

Osaka played great. Sad to see it end like that. All of those penalty calls were probably technically by the book, but none of them seemed particularly egregious to me – and IMO umpires should use their discretion and give warnings for all but the most egregious violations, especially in championship matches.

Serena has a long history of abuse toward the officials. Her leash has been way too long.

There’s a very long history of comparing Serena to animals, and it’s very unfortunate to see that continued in your post.

I think Serena deserved the penalties, though the initial coaching one may have been wrong. Her reactions were inappropriate and she does have a history of this as well.

Naomi deserved to win and I hope she turns into a major force for women’s tennis. She looks to be a potentially great talent.

It’s a bad metaphor, but she is the furthest thing from an exemplar of sportsmanship among modern day top level players. Even if we extend it to “all time”, as nasty as Connors and McEnroe could be toward officials, they never threatened an official with violence, nor did they shoot angles against their opponents to unethically get free points.

Serena has more ability than any woman who has ever played, but she is of very low character. I would blame her upbringing (specifically her father), but Venus seems to have turned out fine, so IDK.

She has passion and a temper, and most of the rest of your post is bigoted nonsense that I’m not interested in addressing (“very low character”? I’d laugh if I hadn’t been reading your posts for years).

EDIT: No idea what you’re talking about with “unethically” shooting angles.

Her coach has admitted to coaching her in the match. I don’t think the initial call was wrong at all. The rule doesn’t require that the coaching helps the player, or even that it be actually seen by the player; an effort to coach like that is a violation.

The umpire of this match, Carlos Ramos, has a reputation for being more willing to call these violations than many other umpires. As Times correspondent Stuart Fraser says, this sometimes leads to players feel they are being unfairly treated by him, because they get away with the same behavior in other matches.

I love Serena, and I hope that she one day catches and surpasses my homophobic countrywoman Margaret Court in Grand Slam titles. But she deserved all the penalties she got today.

If I listen really closely, the high pitch of your whistle is almost discernible here.

Low character applies to the behaviour of the crowd more than anything, its an utter disgrace what was made of that young girls first Open win.

Serena hugged Osaka on the dais and the crowd calmed down. She lost her temper during the match but she recognized that it was Osaka’s moment and did her best to make it positive.

I think the umpire was out of line in imposing the code violations, especially the third one. I’ve never seen such a thing in the final of a grand slam event. The outcome of the match probably would have been the same in any case, since Osaka played extremely well and Serena was clearly off her game. However, the drama overshadowed Osaka’s win somewhat. I felt bad for her. Serena was very gracious during the trophy presentation.

Interesting. I think Margaret Court’s views on homosexuality and gay marriage are nasty, unfeeling, definitely against public opinion, based on nonsense, and worthy of strong condemnation. She is entitled to air those views in a free country, but people also have an entitlement to challenge those views and point out why they believe they are wrong, and possibly harmful in the community. And plenty have done just that.

However, as a tennis player, she was known as an exemplary sportswoman, and was never involved in any controversies around the game (except for the Riggs thing). She was the first woman to win a Grand Slam tournament after having a child.

Should her non-tennis actions and views necessarily force a re-evaluation of any respect people have for her tennis career and achievements?

Whats the over/under on number of days before Serena’s coach gets fired?

She’s been with Murataglou (however you spell it) for years and years. I seriously doubt she dumps him for this.

And if Serena was white your silence would be deafening. Remember what she did to the Asian American official? I thought not.

I agree that the Williams sisters have been subjected to bigoted commentary, but I don’t see anything especially racist about the “leash” reference, which is not particular to the Williams or African American athletes.

Beyond that, it’s a known fact that the Williams sisters argue and fight with the umpires.