2019 RAV4 Hybrid Opinions?

Anyone have a 2019 RAV 4 Hybrid?

I know my 2009 with 100,000 miles isn’t going to last forever. Maybe it’s totalled in an accident next week or maybe it lasts another 100,000 miles like Toyota’s do. But Toyota stopped offering the V6 (as well as a real spare tire) starting in 2013. I drove a 2013 with the I4 and it felt grossly under-powered. Chances are it’ll be the last car I own without “modern” electronics with all the cameras and GPS and electronic controls and whatnot.

Does the hybrid option and better transmission in the 2019s help mitigate the under-powered engine? How well do the modern electronics like things like lane keep assist work? Do they still have the sense of spaciousness inside? Anyone that stepped up from the 2000s models really like or hate the new ones?