2020 is hindsight, lets rant about 2021 (January minirants)

We got a Christmas card today. We’d been getting calls from an aunt, asking if we’d gotten it (and a couple of photos enclosed in it)… since December tenth.

We’d given up on it, but Hey, here 'tis!

The envelope was completely torn open, and oddly had no postmark or cancellation. Everything was inside, in perfect condition, even though the envelope looked like a war zone.

Finally got my new credit card, after having to cancel the old one a week ago. Some creep had stolen my number and made three identical large purchases at a Home Depot some 25 miles from here. My new card was overnight FedExed to me, but took 4 days to get here.

I have something arriving in the mail Saturday and I’m not sure what. There are two things I purchased via eBay in the past few months, one somewhat expensive tchotchke in early October and one relatively cheap tchotchke in early November. USPS has put their own tracking number on the package so there’s no history prior to its arrival at “Shipping Easy” in the Seattle area.

I’m guessing it’s the one from October because the other one isn’t supposed to be in the US yet. I wish USPS could tell me the weight of the package; I know the one from November is about ¾ kilo.

Man, I forgot about the really cheap tchotchke I bought via Walmart’s website over the weekend. I hope it’s not that; I haven’t even received a message that it’s been shipped. That seller is a couple hundred miles south of “Shipping Easy”, anyway.

As noted elsewhere, our governor keeps flip-flopping on who gets the vaccinations first, second, etc. Now we’re back with the national guidelines, but they still don’t have a schedule out and are totally unprepared for it all. They’ve had months to come up with a plan in the event of a vaccine, but just sat there blinking stupidly the whole time.

The latest aggravation is that they have 200,000 vaccines just sitting because they have no distribution plan for unused vaccines at hospitals. She really should be recalled. There are tons of clinics, dentists, etc. who could really use the help. Fucking idiot.

So the Journeying Jacket arrived today…and it’s too small. I checked the label and yes, I did order the XL size. But this is one of those brands that believes a small is an XL so now I have to return the damn thing and find a jacket that fits.

So last night I called my credit card company to activate my new card. After being on hold for almost a half hour, I had to answer a gazillion questions to verify my identity. I was then assured that my card was activated.

So I went to Costco today, and the card was declined. When I got home, there was an email waiting for me from the card company, saying that I had forgotton to activate my card. Grrrrrr.

I’ve been struggling with a CPAP machine for the last 3 weeks. It’s really fun trying to sleep with a mask on my face. So far I’ve managed about 3 hours of crappy sleep every night. But hey, at least it doesn’t reduce my apnea! That’s right, my events have gone from 17 to 15 with this thing. Really useful!

I hope you get used to it soon, or you could talk to your doctor and tell them you want to try a different mask. There are lots of versions.

I actually had no trouble adjusting at all, and my incidents dropped from 15 or more an hour to maybe 1 or 2 in a night (if I recall correctly).

Ok. So Dec 24th, my little dog was attacked and killed by an off-leash dog. Over the last 3 weeks, we discovered that the attacking dog had been adopted from a shelter. At some point in the first week or 10 days that family had her, she killed one of their cats. So someone in the family just dumped her in a local park–which is when she found me and killed my dog. These were not aggression kills, they were prey kills, with no advance warning and no way to disengage her once she started–I got my dog away at least twice and she snatched him back. I cannot tell you how horrific this experience was for me and my son.

Well, the shelter adopted her out today. The posted description said she had “attacked” other animals, but not that she killed them. I called and begged them to please make sure the description was added, and they said their were additional notes and that they would “disclose” her history to any potential adopters.

So the picture on the shelter Facebook shows a couple in their early 20s with her. They sure don’t look like experienced dog owners. And this dog will ALWAYS be dangerous to things she sees as prey–and I wouldn’t trust her around a baby, either. I cannot believe she wasn’t destroyed. It’s just a disaster waiting to happen. She seems very sweet and friendly and she’s a good looking dog. But she kills for fun.

I am irrationally upset by this. I think at my core, I feel like this means they didn’t believe my story–that they think I did something stupid or my dog provoked the attack or the only reason he died is because I didn’t react right. Because I feel like if they believed my story, they wouldn’t have let someone else take her.

This is horrifying, MandaJo. I think you ought to see about reporting this to the animal control people in your town or something. And I would also think about somehow trying to get word to those two people who have a time bomb dog on their hands now. Is there anyone at the shelter that has any brains at all?
By the way, your concern is NOT “irrational” at all.

It was the animal control people in my town that adopted her out! Public shelter.

Dear god. Now it’s time to escalate, I think. Talk to a lawyer? Someone ought to explain that whoever lets this dog kill another animal or a person is going to be held liable. Not sure what else you could do Does the local TV station have anyone who does public interest troubleshooting type coverage?

I don’t think I have any standing to do anything, honestly. I disclosed, they claimed they would disclose, and maybe they did. But they are just trusting this couple to be 100% responsible dog owners for the next 10 years.

Try posting on Next Door or a similar platform.

Plus talk to your city council rep or whoever supervises that shelter. Would not happen this way in my city.

I might talk to my city rep. But do you know what happens to people who go on social media calling for a dog to be destroyed? No matter what?

I’d get my house egged.

What I really, really need to do is to let the whole thing go. It was traumatic as hell, and this final helplessness is not healing, it’s just making it worse. Dog is adopted. No one is going to go rip it out of the arms of its now-loving family.

No doubt true, sadly. {the house egging]

Glad you are considering talking to your city rep. The policies of that shelter are abysmal and if nothing else, are opening the city up tp liability claims when that dog harms the next pet or child.

To be clear, the dog is innocent and it is incredibly sad that it was trained or reinforced in doing this. Sadly, the remedies are few but re-adopting it back out isn’t fair to anybody.

I can’t help hoping those people don’t have a baby.


Yep, that’s what it is; I contacted the seller and they confirmed.

Time to tell October to go ahead with their offer of taking their remaining one off eBay and send that. November is cheap enough for me to not really be concerned about; besides, that seller isn’t great about answering questions.