2021 Bad, bad, bad Christmas misadventures

  1. Ordered a slew of eGift cards. Guess what ol’beck did? She sent them all to herself. ::smack::
    This is gonna take awhile to straighten out. Yay. I have all of Christmas eve to do it.

  2. Bayless ate something he shouldn’t have. He puked 20 times. We called the vets office. Message: “Were are out of the office til January 3rd” Great. I hope my dog don’t die.

3.I hope the Turkey thaws. Yeah forgot that.

  1. I know DIL, your preggers and weird as eff. But the Christmas Eve Eve event was a Stoopid idea. The kids don’t like these things unless presents and cookies are involved. No eggnog is not good without hooch added.
    Sorry we made you cry.

  2. Son-of-a-wrek found an urgent care Vet. He gave Bayliss charcoal. Now Bayliss is puking black stuff. Ugh. I hope those stains ain’t permanent.

  3. Baby wrek opened 3gifts when no one was paying attention. She’s now sporting one of the Li’l-wrekkers tops I bought her. And refuses to give it up. The Li’l-wrekker is following her around to make sure she doesn’t get a black puke stain on it.

  4. Some man we’ve never met is coming for Christmas dinner. Mr.Wrekkers long lost friend. What do you give a man you never met. I could send him a eGift card. But we all know how that will turn out.


  1. Laundry is backed up. How many towels does it really take everyday? Around here: 20-25. Surprise, Hamza is the worst offender.

  2. Y’all have a merry, merry, merry Christmas!

Love, beck

And a most wonderful holiday to you!

Sounds like Christmas Eve at Chez Beck is something out of A Christmas Story, only with a larger cast.


I knocked over a container of hamburger grease, and it raced over the counter to flow (flow, not drip!) between the stove and the counter.

I cleaned up the visible part. We shall wait until after the holidaze to pull the stove out from the wall and clean up the OHMYGAWD mess.


And a Merry Christmas and all the best to you and all the other Wreks.

Now you have me worried about Bayliss. Keep us posted on how the poor doggy is doing!

He’s a bunch better. Drinking lots of water.

The vet said it wasn’t gonna kill him. Whatever he ate got mostly threw up.

I have to go dialysis on Christmas Eve. That’s kind of a bummer.

It is, though it means you should be feeling good tomorrow, too!

I have hope in my heart🤭

Thanks. I feel better now. :slight_smile:

We’ve decided he ate flocking off the Christmas tree. He barfed up loads of white flakey stuff the last go 'round.

So I messaged Mid-dau to watch him and keep him away from the tree.
He’s usually so well mannered I don’t worry about him doing stuff like this. I knew someone was messing with the tree. The Siamese or the Chihuahuas.

He’s gonna be ok.


So, how did dialysis go?

I had a small bleed/seeping from the port. It’s all good now.