2021 NFL QB Carousel Thread aka the NFL Offseason Thread

I don’t agree that it’s clear that Goff and Darnold are better than Wentz. At his best, Wentz is an MVP caliber player. At his worst, he’s a dumpster fire. He’s definitely more erratic than the other 2 QB’s.

I don’t think this is a particularly defensible position. Wentz had a MVP caliber season and is physically a lot more gifted than both those players. Sure, he had a pig of a season and has been banged up a lot, but Goff is really limited and had the luxury of a really great supporting cast. Even in his Super Bowl season he was very clearly the weak link on that team. Darnold is probably a bit harder to judge because of the garbage fire the Jets have been for his entire tenure, but he’s never once put up tape that’s anywhere close to what Wentz has done at he best.

The fomer Redskins will apparently still be known as the Washington Football Team for the 2021 season, but are planning to have a new permanent name for 2022.

Really? Six-plus months isn’t enough time to rebrand before the season starts? It’s not like they just found out about this – they dropped the old name last July.

Hell, Aunt Jemima moves faster than these guys.

As I understand it, the NFL has pretty long lead times for approvals on things like uniforms and branded apparel.

So what have they been doing since July? Since the league makes a percentage on all merchandise, and WFT merch is likely a complete dud compared to what a new look would generate, I’m surprised the league isn’t insisting on a 2021 debut.

Lord knows. I would have thought that they would have spent the last 8 months doing their research, identifying names, etc. But, that website and article suggest that, only now, are they starting to ask for suggested names and uniforms from fans.

It’s entirely possible that they already have a short list that they’ve settled on, but they’re looking to build fan interest with the submissions.

On the other hand, ISTR that, even a month or two ago, Snyder was suggesting that they might stick with Washington Football Team as their permanent solution. So, the WFT organization may well have been dithering as to what to do.

As far as Washington Football Team, there’s two factors at play. 1. No idea if the Bezos rumors are true or not, but I’m sure the NFL wants Snyder out. 2. I wonder if it’s being tied into a new stadium deal.

D.C. statehood seems like a dead issue for now, but I’m sure that was also a factor in not moving too fast.

They are intentionally moving slow here. Could they have moved faster, sure, but they don’t need to. The whole WFT thing has it’s own energy and they are selling branded gear. They also are intentionally trying to create a transition between the old name and the new name, giving everyone a chance to cool off and have some distance from their old loyalties. In fact I’m a little surprised they are only having a 2 year gap, I figured it might push further out.

You can’t take anything the marketing department or Snyder say at face value. No doubt that they’ve had a short list of favorite new names for at least a couple years. In fact, they’ve been getting heat for the name for so long that they probably have had some thing in mind quietly for maybe a decade. That statement is basically boilerplate they use to make it sound like they have a “process” and are being “professional” about it, but when it comes down to it it’ll almost certainly the the owner simply picking the one he likes best.

Do you have a link? Haven’t read anything new about either of these topics recently.

Bezos: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos could be eyeing ownership of Washington Football Team, per report - CBSSports.com

New stadium: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/08/23/washington-football-team-president-will-focus-on-a-new-stadium.html

I am jumping to a conclusion that the new name could be tied to either of the scenarios. New name, new owner or new name, new stadium announcement.

The Bezos rumor smells like clickbait to me. FedEx Field is less than 25 years old, it’ll be interesting to see how that shakes out. It kinda sucks but it seems like it would be tough for either Snyder or Bezos to drum up public support for public money in spite of the fact that they can pit 3 public entities against each other in a bidding war.

I suspect that Bezos wouldn’t bother. If he bought the team and wanted a new stadium, he would just build a damn stadium - maybe some tax incentives or tax-free muni bond money that the facility pays off. On the other hand, AT&T Stadium shows that big facilities don’t have to be money-losers for the municipality. Arlington has done quite well by that deal.

JJ Watt to Arizona at $31M for 2 years ($23M guaranteed).

Whatever people may think of him as a player, there was clearly a strong market and once again Houston got bupkiss in return.

With a front office like that, who needs rivals?