2022 SDMB Celebrity Death Pool

Valeri Polyakov, who spent over a year in space at once and almost two years total, died at age 80.

Dodgers’ great Maury Wills has died at 89.

Nick Holonyak, creator of the first LED that had a visible color–red.

(Clock radios would never be the same.)

Hearing this got me thinking. My father was a huge Dodger fan and talked about his favorite players from the past. He never mentioned Wills. Then I noticed his rookie year was the year after the Dodgers broke my father’s heart and crushed his love for baseball.

Drummer John Hartman of The Doobie Brothers has died at 72.

An unlikely celebrity, Ben Stern, dead at 99. I haven’t been a listener for many years so I don’t know how often he was on the air during that time but in the early years of the Howard Stern radio show his father had a starring role on many occasions. He seemed totally unfazed and unimpressed by his sons notoriety. Apparently he died back in July but Stern was off the air for the summer and just announced it a couple weeks ago.

Also Kai Winn on Deep Space Nine