2024 SDMB Celebrity Death Pool

Wow, I used to watch him on ALF each week. I think he is about 3 months older than me and he was the first kid actor I used to see who was my age.

I’m also 46, but I didn’t realize he was my age until just now.

Based on the description (found in his car alongside his service dog), I suspect suicide

I base this on some experience: I knew somebody who took their life, alongside their dog, by inhaling exhaust inside the car.

Plus, there is this information.

Found in his car. In Arizona. In June.

Wish I could un-think about that. Poor Doggo.

It a bank parking lot, no less. Wow, I wish I could un-think it, too.

First kid actor who was my age that I was aware of was Jeremy Miller (best known for playing Ben Seaver on Growing Pains). He’s about 3 months younger than me.

The famous actor closest to my age is probably Benedict Cumberbatch who’s 3 days younger than me.

Oh no. She was 75.

Honestly, I thought she had passed away years ago. She was 13 years younger than Jack Nicholson.

This is a very interesting interview with Duvall, her only interview granted after Dr. Phil’s horrible exposé a decade or so ago and only her second since the early '90’s. It notes that she was given the “1921” picture used in the final scene of The Shining, but that she lost it at some point.

The famous entertainer closest to my age was Michael Jackson. Only two months younger.

How sad for Shelly Duvall. Kubrick brutalized her in The Shining. She was from Houston - just like me!

Kobe is actually the closest for me in terms of celebrities. He was 6 days younger than me. I knew that fact even though I only casually watched basketball. I remember reflecting quite a bit about his death and how we were the same age and how stunningly, if he had not made the NBA, he’d likely(almost certainly) be alive right now.

So it goes.

Kevin Smith (Silent Bob) is about a month younger than me.

Ubiquitous celebrity voice actress Tara Strong is exactly 2 days younger than I am.

You may not know her name, but, based on her body of work, you’ve almost certainly seen something that she’s appeared in.

I seem to have a connection with NFL players. I was born on the same day as a recognzable name who holds the sack record for the particular team that he played with for his whole career (back when that kind of thing happened). And some years ago, I was startled to find myself selected as the first pick in the draft (though I believe he has a different middle name).

Back on topic, Joe Engle has flown his last mission. He was in both the Apollo and Space Shuttle programs, not to mention also being an X-15 pilot.

Former longtime NFL Defensive Coordinator Monte Kiffin has died at 84.

Chaz Bono is three days older than me and I’m three days older than Paget Brewster.

Hey, Death! Wrong one!

If Charo dies, how many points is she worth?

Somewhere between 27 and 24, depending on what her actual age is.