20th Century Fox--what?

In the opening credits of 2oth Century Fox films, there is a picture of a giant structure, carved into the image of the words “20th Century Fox”. It is gold-colored, & surrounded by searchlights. There is a small, tower-like structure to the left of the “20th”, pointed a searchlight straight up.

[li]What kind of building is this?[/li][li]What is the tower to the left?[/li][li]Hi Opal.[/li][li]Is this based on any kind of real building, however loosely?[/li][li]What is the origin of this logo?[/li][/ol]

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[li]Hi Opal.[/li][/QUOTE]
Dude, you’re misusing the “Hi Opal.” Your list already has more than four items.

Here’s an image. From Wiki:

It goes on to discuss various revamps and subsidiary variations created since (all playing on the same visual theme).

IMHO, the best of them.

:smack: I meant, “more than two items.”

But now I feel obligated to actually contribute to the thread. So, here are a couple of links Google gave me:

A video of various versions of the Fox logo through history

Hollywood Lost and Found’s page on the Fox logo.

I can’t find a specific answer to the OP’s questions, but it seems as though the logo was just something the artist dreamed up, not intended to depict any particular real structure.

I always thought it was a stylized art deco movie theater, hence the tops of other buildings around it. The spotlights and all are for a classic movie opening.