20th century Fox for the next year

I wanted to know if anybody heard anything about fox changing it’s name for the next century? I haven’t, but do you think that they will.

I mean, will Fox stay with the “20th Century” for the next year?

Will they change it to “21 Century,” to stay within the times? Or will they just be known as “Fox,” or “fox Productions”?

Anybody out there in the hollywood biz know what they are going to do?

If “Futurama” is any indication they will. The closing credits show “30th Century Fox”.

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Some ingenious, or faster, guy got the rights to 21st Century Fox. Fox refuses to pay his asking price for the rights and therefore will be calling themselves Fox 2000.

According to Leslie Halliwell’s THE FILMGOER’S COMPANION, the name of the company was official changed to Twenty-First Century Fox in 1969. (That’s not a typo. They planned ahead for this.)


Thanks guys!

The company was the result of a merger (in around 1933 or '34, I think) of 20th Century and Fox, so it’s actually hyphenated as “20th Century-Fox.” It would be a shame if 20th Century just got ditched, I’m glad they’re not changing it to just “Fox.”

They should have planned a less change-prone name, like, oh, Vitagraph, or American Mutoscope and Biograph. Or somethin’.

Perhaps they will just change the name to something completely different, like:
Aluicious Deverdander Abecrombe Films

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It’s true about the official move made in 1969; I remember the news coverage at the time. (I can’t swear to the exact year, but it was around them.)

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So how come all I ever see is “Twentieth Century Fox”?

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As I remember, the 1969 board decision was that the name would change with the century.

There was a British magazine called “The 19th Century”. Come 1901, it changed its name to “The 19th Century and After”. It finally got around to changing its name to “The 20th Century” in 1951.

John W. Kennedy
“Compact is becoming contract; man only earns and pays.”
– Charles Williams

You’ve never seen “Twenty-First Century Fox” around, because, well, why would you, they just snatched the title and stored it away for the future.

I know I’ve seen “Fow Searchlight Productions.”

But the real question is, in what year will they have to change it from 20th Century to 21st Century Fox?!?!
Oww! What’d I say?!

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Aw, crap. “Fox Searchlight Productions.”
And I shouldn’t even have tried with the underline.