21 Polo Ponies drop dead

Twenty-one polo horses collapse and die in Florida

Just too bizarre. I figure someone will want to curse at someone, hence the Pit.

:eek:Bad food? Bad water? Some kind of sickness they didn’t detect? Were all the horses stabled together?! :frowning:

The story says the team is based in England, so they were probably transported together recently.

Geez, how sad! And weird! That must be heartbreaking for the team and owners.

I just hope it isn’t something awful like a ship that wasn’t properly decontaminated after having a mass sickness, or a lazy employee not taking their job duties seriously. Surely the team was able to check on the horses and be sure they were fed and watered though?

I’m suspecting that someone poisoned them on purpose - an organized-crime related thing, a rival, or some other such nefarious plan. The owner of the club probably pissed off the wrong person. That seems to be the only plausible explanation here, and while you would have to be a really sick fuck to do something like that, the world is unfortunately full of them.

I’m going to save my rage for when they do the necropsies and figure out whose fault it was (even if it was mean old god who took those beautiful ponies – seriously, if they’ve got the same team as two years ago I’ve seen them in action and they are stunning. The riders weren’t too bad, either, but that’s no subject for this thread).

Not so fast…

Odd that this really didn’t make the national news, but the fact a bunch of richie-rich assholes have their precious polo ponies go tits up and it’s news. I’m pitting the assholes and the news. Peace on those poor animals.

That’s the kind of dirty, cutthroat game polo is!

Some horses dying of an unknown cause is probably more newsworthy than a bunch dying from botulism.

Some informed speculation over at Fugly Horse of the Day is that the ponies:

Proven? No. Makes sense? Unfortunately, yes. Another article I read (can’t recall where now) pointed out that the speed with which they took ill and died suggests reaction to an injection rather than ingestion of tainted feed, although another line of speculation is that they were made sick from eating grain that had come from a mill which hadn’t cleaned its production line after running a batch of cattle feed. There are ingredients in cattle feed that will poison horses.

Going to helena handbasket for misreading this letter then laughing at it. But all those horses has gotta be hard on the people witnessing it, to say nothing of the horses.

!!! Would not have guessed that! I mean, they’re both graminivorous grazers, right?

With certain crucial differences.

First thing I said when I saw the headline: “Oh. Migod. This is right out of Dick Francis.”

Wait to see if the official report is 21 unrelated acts of suicide.

And thus a new ABC sitcom was born.

They can re-use an old series name – The Ropers.

Dick Cheney had them poisoned.