22 Years Already?

Okay everyone, the line forms to my left. 22 smacks on the ass are due for the birthday boy. Paddles are allowed, for those of you so inclined…

Silo! Get over here!

Happy Birthday, buddy!

Happy Birtday, babe :slight_smile:

::duct tapes Michael to the wall and stuffs 22 happy fuzzy bunnies down his pants::

You already got your 22 licks in chat, so here you go!

Happy birthday! :smiley:

Happy birthday mate.

You’ve come a long way huh?

Happy Birthday, baby!

Happy Birthday, Mike.

Have a great one!

Happy B-day, Silo! :slight_smile:

::breaks out the paddle with his face carved into it:: This way, your ass will look like me for weeks to come.

Hey! Where are you going? No, stop!

Felice Compleanno!

Happy 22nd birthday to Silo! Hope you go out and have the good time I know you deserve!

:: gets out the really big paddle ::
Happy Birthday, Silo!!

And that’s 23 smacks, right – you know, one to grow on :smiley:

Happy Birthday, Silo!

Old fart.


puts on something slinky and crawls up onto to a table in front of SIlo
Hhhhhhhhappy Buh-rthday… to you… swagger wink

Hhhhhhhhhappy birthday… to yooouuuuu blows a kiss

Hhhhappy BIRTHDAY…Missssster Prrrresidennnt…

Hhhhhappy biiiirrthdaaay…to you.


Welcome to the world of old, Sil. =)

Could I smack your ass instead, Saph?:slight_smile:

Silo! Happy birthday! Hung over yet? :smiley:

touch me and die, pun :slight_smile:

Oh, all right…but don’t tell Mr. Jeannie…


Happy Birthday :smiley:

Thanks y’all.

I had a nice day today, other than I had to work, bleh…
Anyway I had a great dinner, got some cards from family and it was a beautiful day outside! Couldn’t get much better. My mom’s getting me contax for my b-day, she’s so good to me! smile A little earlier I was outside playing improve jazz while looking at the stars. I’m so relaxed. :slight_smile:

Sapphy :slight_smile: - I never had someone start a b-day thread for me. I think you’re my new best friend now. Smooch. :wink: THANKS !!! :))))

chiquey, how nice of you to stop by :slight_smile:

dpr, Greetings from USA back down under :slight_smile:

Oh no it’s tig with those darn happy wild bunnies. Ah but I can always take another 22 licks. :wink:

Scotti, thanks sweetheart :))

evilbeth, I see you took a few mintues away from Euty to stop by smooch :slight_smile:

Darn that Merc!!! bah! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey rob, nice to see ya waves :slight_smile:

Arden ranger, wow that sounds lovely, what language is that? I’m to lazy to look it up right now. <wink>

hey DRY, thanks :slight_smile: - I’m kinda delaying the celebration at the moment due to lots of work. But once I’m done… things are gonna rock out fer sure! :wink:

Mauvaise, can I get those smacks in a civilized manner :wink: - bring yer boots along! :smiley:

Dire Wolf, hey brotha, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Beatle, old fart!? heh :wink: Nice to see ya man, let go turn Vegas upside down again! :slight_smile:

malkavia, Wow. Gee, I wish my birthday was -everyday- ::dopey grin:: Lets get old, ok :wink:

iampunha, gee thanks snicker :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey whammo, not hung over… ‘yet’ hehe. Good to see ya 'round bro.

Sapphy, noooo, not you again! :wink:

Aw Jeannie, I’ll keep things “hush hush” :wink:

(Chief Scott would be proud! :D)

OK, you brought it up, pal.

Vegas as the first World Confab of Web Dopers saw it.

Here’s what we all had to say about it: Vegas Dopefest 2000 Sept 1 - 4 Official thread