My birthday!

Yay! today is my 21st b-day–June 3rd.
I am now a 100% adult–that’s scary!
So, what should I do today?

Happy Birthday Big Bad Booty Daddy.

My suggestion is normally to drink, but I’m not sure if that’s advisable in this situation. :slight_smile:

Happy birthday Silo. Well, it seems like you are hanging out all night in #straightdope, so I won’t answer that question. :wink:

Congratulations to Silo!

Happy Birthday, and go out and do something other than hang out with us losers! :wink:

Oh, to be young again :frowning:

21 and he aint gettin’ drunk with his buds. loooooooooser!
c’mon, kid, get outta here already!

:smiley: Happy Birthday! :smiley:

Who you callin’ loser son???!!! :smiley:

Well, Democritus, before I posted to this thread, you were the last poster on SEVEN OF THE EIGHT top threads in MPSIMS.

You figure it out! (Of course, the fact that I’m right here with you, says something, too) :wink:

“misery acquaints a man with strange bed-fellows”

–The Tempest, Act 2, scene ii

Silo, I’m sober enough to realize that you are talking about today (Saturday), not yesterday (Dem, that was Friday). So welcome to full adulthood. Stay sober. Get laid. Or, if you want to act like a REAL grownup, stay sober and DON’T, despite your best efforts, get laid. Full adulthood is like the worst parts of childhood, without the prospect of Santa.

Here’s to many more and much joy.


Woo Hoo! Happy Birthday, Silo!! May you have a day filled with fun and frolicking and a hangover-free tomorrow! :smiley:

Congratualations on turning 21 Silo!!

I remember when I turned 21 . . . well, actually I remember the stories my friends told me the next day about stuff I did when I turned 21. The actual day itself is rather fuzzy.

If you’re gonna celebrate - be careful!!! Taxis are wonderful things sometimes.

Want something to do? Get off the web and do something you’ll remember, even driving one-way in a random direction, til you nearly run out of gas, then have a drink in a strange bar.