.22s standard issue for the F.B.I.?

Why would the F.B.I. issue such a small caliber gun to their agents? I’ve heard about the .22 being a round that doesn’t like to exit the body, but isn’t “stopping power” still a concern? I thought they used to use Sig Sauer .45s, now Glock .22s? Why?

You are apparently confused by Glock’s designations. A Glock model 22 is in .40 S&W caliber.

The .22 is a lot nastier than people give it credit for. You’re right it does not like to exit but rather bounce around tumbling and ripping things up as it goes.

I can think of a couple advantages of using it as a carry weapon like potential collateral damage and control issues.

Range is also something to think about, they might have studies that show a .22 is a good choice from where they normally fire from.

Ah. That could be. I’ll ask my source more specific dimension questions. Thanks.

It doesn’t appear that Glock even offers a .22: http://www.glock.com/pistols.htm

Glock’s model numbers have caused no end of confusion. The original Glock 17 held 19 rounds of ammunition in it’s magazine but the model 19 held fewer rounds.

FWIW some people make the same argument about the .40 S&W, calling it the .40 short & weak. At one time the FBI was keen on the 10mm but it’s near magnum recoil and large, 45 ACP size grip caused problems for some agents. 9mm Parabellum doesn’t have those problems but a shootout in Miami several years showed it had inadequate performance. .40 S&W allows for pistols the same external size as 9mm parabellum but with more kinetic energy and a bigger bullet. Glock has even introduced a ballistic twin to the .45 ACP, the .45 GAP, in order to make a big bore handgun with a more compact grip size.


I own a Glock Model 22. Last time I checked, it chambered .40SW.

My plan to purchase a Steyr M9 fell though, seeing as how it is not on the approved CA DOJ handgun list.

So it looks like 1911 .45 time for me.

Just thought I’d share.

But I’ve already got more .22s than I can count. Highly underrated little cartridge.

…And the SIG used by the FBI was the P-226, a 9mm pistol. FBI tactical teams can use .45ACP pistols.

The Glock Model 22 is one of the dominant market share weapons in the police market. The .40SW fits nicely between the 9mm Parabellum and the .45ACP.