23hours and an excuse to party

I have been up for over 23 hours. I drove a 45 minute drive to school for an 8:30 class, sat through two hours of lecture before I had breakfast, endured a school day that ended at 6:30, have done a lot of homework, and am now relaxing a bit with my daily fix of the SDMB before I pass out.

And my reason to party is that 1 year, and much lurking later, I have finally made it to 150 posts. So I will have a little party in my tired out brain, and anyone who wants to join can.

Free Timbits.

Another excuse to party: I just found out that my college chemistry teacher is going to have a baby soon (it aparently takes 8 months for news to travel this far…). So an SDMB party for her, too, because she was nice and let us eat the cookies that were put out on open house and visitors days.

And she made brownies for the class.

Hi mnem, happy 150 + sleep deprivation survival…

I really, really hate to ask…but what are “timbits”?

Timbits are what we in the U.S. call donut holes. Timbits are Canadian, and the name came from Tim Horton’s donut shop.

Congratulations, mnemosyne, on reaching 150.

Yeah, timbits are donut holes (a name that never fails to annoy me, since they clearly aren’t holes). But anyways, the Free Timbits deal is a bit of a running joke at school, cuz there are these meetings I go to, and they always advertise Free Timbits, and there are never any there when the meetings start and everyone complains… anyways…I just figured I’d offer free virtual Timbits. :slight_smile:

Carry on.


mmmmm . . . donutholes.

Congrats, mnem. Whether it’s on the lack of sleep or the posts or the year anniversary is to you to decide:)

Doughnut holes… so doughnutty. And they fit in your pocket!

[hands Totoro the box of Timbits]

Here you go. These are the real doughnut holes… we got rid of all the rest of that dough stuff, and now only provide the holes.


Congrats, mnemosyne!

Did you tell your boyfriend precisely what time to show up for this little shindig, or will he be straggling in whenever he feels like it? :wink: