24 character nicknames

Help me sort out the characters and their nicknames. Let’s see what I remember offhand:

Jack Bauer = just Jack. The badass we love.
Kim Bauer = Kim or Dim
Kim’s boyfriend = Scruffy or Fuzzy
Yousef = MEG (Middle Eastern Guy)
Hunted sound engineer = Sound Nerd
Bitchy computer tech spy woman from Division = Computer Bitch
Drugged guy from Division = Sunken Eye Nightmare Bastard

Okay, you can tell I need some help sorting out names and nicknames.

Please help.

Kim Bauer = Kimpossible

Bitchy computer lady = Carrie (not to be confused with Sherry, the other bitch)
Ensign Ro = Palmer’s female aid (I can’t even remember her actual name in the show)
Sound Nerd or Audio-hacker-guy= Alex
Big boob assistant = Big bood assistant (does she even HAVE a name?)

That’s just for starters. I like the nicknames much better than th real ones. If you watch the show at all, their absolutely obvious.

That big boober was a real short-timer. It’s dangerous to appear in Jack Bauer’s world.

How could I forget Ensign Ro? I still miss the dots on the bridge of her nose. (In ST:TNG, that is.)

Also, Kim has been called Retardospawn. I can’t help but think that’s a little harsh.

And Rich Boat Guy desperately needs a better nickname.

Rich Boat Guy is good. My offering of something like IRB, or Interchangeable-Rich-Bastard is not specific enough (obviously). Of course if RBG ever gets off the boat it might get confusing. But part of the fun is knowing enough of the plot so that you can make that connection.

Then there’s Abusive Dad. The guy who Kim worked for and who she later shot. And shot TWICE, let’s not forget at the urging of her own father.

Personally, I prefer the sleeker Bad Dad for the guy Kim shot. Twice.

A while back, someone said they still think of Tony as Soulpatch, even though he shaved it off between seasons. I think that still suits him also.

the TelevisionWithoutPity clan had dubbed Mrs. Palmer Lady MacBeth. they used to refer to Kim as Spawn, short for SpawnofBauer.

i generally refer to Abusive Dad as simply Bad Dad. flows much nicer, doncha think? (i may have picked it up from TWP too.)

that’s a great site if you are into snarky reviews.

I like Psycho Dad over Abusive Dad because it reminds me of Al Bundy’s favorite TV show (“Killed his wife 'cause she weighed a ton…Psycho Dad!”)

Tony used to be Soul Patch last year.

On Preview I see Ferrous mentioned that, but I don’t wanna delete my masterpiece of literature.

Oh, and I was calling the ill-fated, big-jawed Jamey Mandible last season, and was happy when it caught on.

gee, my first simulpost. :smiley:

Last week I referred to Kim as Jennifer 9. Betcha can’t guess why.

No. Abusive Dad is better. And Lady MacBeth is too educated. We need some ground rules for nicknames, and they appear to be:

Kim is the only main character who gets a nickname. Because it’s fun. Palmer, Jack, Tony. No nickname for you!

Nicknames have to be funny and/or tied into some plot angle. No high falootin’ literary nicknames (like Lady McBeth).

The stupider and more derogatory the nickname the better. Sound Nerd is a good example.

Long nicknames are OK, but they get quickly turned into an acronym (MEG for ** Middle Eastern Guy**).

I’m not making these up. I’m just trying to pull together some observations that I’ve made about which nicknames stick and which ones don’t in this board.

Jack: Jackbauer&^7?k986h8657t7
Kim: Kimbauer870(7?’][9yhu897
Kim’s Boyfriend: &hni07hki90-;,ljh90=2hg^

Though why you insist on their having 24 characters is beyond me. :slight_smile:

We have been calling Kim Kimwit and Marie either ** The Annoying Bride** or The Bride from Hell

Kingsley’s big boobed assistant: The Very Personal Assistant Who Knew Too Much. Damn…if only she had lived!

I called him Evil Dad. Anything negative followed by Dad pretty much suits him.

Remember when we used to call Bob Warner Terrorist Dad? Ahhh… those were the days.

Hey, that’s pretty good actually, 'cause it looks like Evil Dead, the movie.

Then next season, if there’s a similar character, we can call him Evil Dad II. And then the season after that, we can have Dad of Darkness!


Because you were hoping she’d be killed (like the 8 before her)?

Ahhhhhh, yes. Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be…

Don’t forget Lackey With a Bomb, Blonde #164524, and what were we calling the mountain man guy?

Creepy-Survivalist-Guy, or something like that?