24: Live Another Day (a.k.a. 24, Season 9) - Episode 6 (4:00 pm - 5:00 pm) SPOILERS!

I was working Monday night so I finally got around to watching the episode and I have a minor annoyance. If you’re going to use as a plot point one of the very few drugs that is instantly visually recognizable then have your props department make you a liquid that looks vaguely like the drug in question. Hand me syringe of Ativan and it’s a clear, colorless liquid that I can’t distinguish from versed, Valium, fentanyl or haldol. But propofol looks like this.

This seems odd: “Police called to ‘24’ set after gunfight sparks panic”. http://tv.msn.com/tv/article.aspx?news=871986

I would have thought filming for the show would have wrapped a long time ago. The article is dated June 7th though. Curious.

Wait. The car that was just blown to smithereens is back in one piece and seen to be empty?

They (Margot Al-Harazi and Junior) rewound the tape on the drone camera.

Okay. Makes sense.

My gripe for the week was the sister-in-law after Simone asked her to leave town that night: “I’m calling the police!” Here’s what should have happened after that:

“999, what is your emergency?”
“I’m calling to report… well, my sister-in-law has suggested I leave town.”
“…all right. And the emergency would be?”
“She was quite insistent! Err, she’s got a knife as well!”
“Oh, is she brandishing it at you, threatening you? Is she approaching you now?”
“No, she’s got it in her hand, watching me on the phone.”
“Where is your sister-in-law now?”
“In the kitchen - we were having dinner.”
“So you were having dinner, and she was holding a knife. Might she have been holding a fork as well?”
“You don’t understand! She’s acting very strangely.”
“Yes, there’s some of that going around, I think…Have a good day, ma’am.”