"24" Movie Targeted For Release In 2012

Yes, it looks like the long-planned film version of the TV show “24” will actually get off the ground and be released next year.

Glad to see it happen and I think this is one TV show that could easily turn into a series of full length movies, as long as they don’t have Kim trapped by a wolf again…

That’s going to be a long movie…

Heh. You make it sound so stupid. She was trapped by a cougar.

That’s a good point to bring up. Is the concept going to be one of a ‘scaled-down’ 24 crisis, perhaps along the lines of 110 minutes long from beginning to resolution, in real time?

They already did a real-time movie with Nick of Time. I think there are others. An interesting concept, but I don’t see how it would work for 24 to do an hour or two of action only.

They could just put about 3 episodes worth of action into a movie, and it would be totally believable as having taken place in one day. They lose the real-time gimmick, but after 6 or 7 seasons, I doubt that that’s really what kept people watching anyway.

Damn. I wonder if I should plan to wait for the sequels and then watch them all in one big marathon.

It should be rated R and Elisha Cuthbert should do a nude scene.

The last time this was talked about, the idea was that the first hour would occur in real time while the second hour would jump through several hours of the day.

Jack can save the lives of two presidents, take down another president, and diffuse 4 atomic bombs before you get a third of the way through your popcorn.

I’d be okay with this.

They already did a two hour TV movie version of the series between Seasons 6 & 7 (setting up some of Season 7). That was mostly in real time, although I think there might have been an intro scene or two that didn’t fit into the time line. I think that the real time plot device could easily be carried into a movie if they wanted to.