24: Season 7: Episode 19 (2:00am - 3:00am)

Jack’s medicine, I think. The stuff that controls the symptoms.


That was the Anti-Tony. CTU developed transporter technology, and there has been an accident.


[li]Fake Lawyer Woman and Real Lawyer Woman, in addition to having the same general physical build, also had the same eyeglasses presciption.[/li][li]Real Lawyer Woman was in the habit of wearing fake eyeglasses–to sway juries by looking more intellectual and/or going for the Hot Librarian Look, I guess.[/li][li]Fake Lawyer Woman, while infiltrating the White House Jail* in order to deliver a suicide pill to a key witness in a massive terrorist conspiracy and persuade him to use it, was basically stumbling around squinting madly at all the blurry blobs around her.[/li][/ol]
Personally I think I like option three the best.

“OK, ma’am, place your thumbprint on the scanner and–Uh, ma’am, that’s the fax machine. The thumbprint scanner is over here.”
*Does the White House even have a jail?

A while back, someone requested a link to Dave Barry’s 24 threads. This week’s is: http://blogs.herald.com/dave_barrys_blog/2009/04/i-1.html

It was. Tony saw Jack using them earlier, and I assume, took them around that time. (Didn’t we see the camera on Tony as he did this?)

But wow, Jack’s condition seems to be mighty selective.

Then again, much of this season has been might selective. – Just so coincidence. Not only did they get rid of the “Real Time” premise, the apparently are getting rid of the “Real Odds” premise too.

Chloe has been arrested for quite a while now. It’s like 5 years in the 24verse.

No, don’t you remember? Morris earned her a get-of-jail-free card by doing something or other – decoding something maybe? – and they drove off into the sunset.

I expect her to be back to move some satellites in an episode towards the end.

So…the whole blond lawyer thing…

Jon Voight got hisself arrested about 1/2 hour ago, show time. It’s 2:00 in the freaking morning. So improbability #1 is that attractive blond lawyer is heading down the stairs, alert, dressed, coiffed, and generally looking sharp after getting rousted out of bed sometime in the last 15-20 minutes. But maybe Jon gave her a “I’m going to do something really stupid, so stay on standby tonight” heads up, so we’ll let one pass.

But that’s nothing compared to the improbability of the shadow organization’s response. “Hey, we have to talk to jailed psychotic break guy and convince him to swallow a suicide pill. What’s the best way of doing this? His attorney? What’s she look like? Yeah, fortunately, we have a cold-blooded operative with exactly the right build, features and skin coloring already dressed in the identical lawyer suit ready to go. Let’s just grab the emergency kit with the knockout gas, fingerprint duplicator, death lozenge, and blond wig and we’re good to go.”

Seriously, bad guys in the 24 universe can generate complex assassination plots faster than most people can formulate plans for getting up and taking a pee in the morning.

Whoa, I just had a brain flash! I bet I know how they are going to save Jack:

The FBI doctor will learn that Kim had Teri. She’ll check, and learn they did that ‘save the umbilical blood’ for the future thing, and umbilical blood is full of stem cells, yes? And it will turn out that the storage facility is ridiculously close by.

Kim gives permission to use the cord blood, the doctor instantly whomps up a cure, and Bingo!

(What do I win if I’m right, huh? Huh?)

An oatmeal cookie.
With raisins.

Was she really wearing the same lawyer suit? Now that’s funny! Reminds me of an Andy Griffith show episode in which Barney goes undercover as a veterinarian. He adopted a strange voice even though the people he was trying to fool had never met Barney or the fictitious veterinarian.

Well she was a bit taller.

I mean like it fucking matters! It’s not like anyone other than Voight’s character knows what his attorney looks like. Why would the White House security desk have a photo and database entry for his lawyer?

They did the same thing on Dollhouse last week. Sierra pulls a similar switcharoo and of course is wearing the exact same suit as the target.

They must get those people from some sort of Hench-Temps company. Isn’t that what those agencies in Dollhouse, Alias and Le Femme Nikita essentially are? Some group calls up and says “I need a 5’10” tall blond in Prague by 2200 GMT… You have a special where you’ll throw in two generic Eurotrash goons as well…can’t they bring Belgian submachineguns? Fine…I guess the silienced Uzi’s will have to do…but they’re so 80s."

Despite all the general 24 silliness, I thought this was a great episode.

And it didn’t matter much that Tony admitted to Jack that he was dirty. Jack already KNEW that. Tony clearly wasn’t trying to remain secret for long, just long enough to get the other baddie and the cannister away, at which point he would presumably slip off into the night, as he has now done.

And Tony apparently couldn’t bring himself to kill Jack in cold blood, because it was Jack.
I really liked the little moment with Jonas asking the soldier what he thought of the Starkwood guys he’d worked with, before he took the pill.

And good thing she went out the front door instead of going into the garage to her car. It would have looked pretty silly if Evil Guy had been standing there with his can of knockout gas (good thing it was facing the right way, I had it when you have the nozzle pointing the wrong direction and knock yourself out, don’t you?) and she’d used a different exit.

Instead of going for over-the-top bullshit, why not just have one of the guards slip him an envelope with a note saying “we’re gonna kill your family” and a little red pill?


Oh, plus it implies that the overlords at Evil, Inc. somehow knew which suit she was going to put on.

For me, the most farfetched thing was the ambulance driver putting the radio away! Dude, you’re in an ambulance at 2 in the morning–gun the motor, turn on your lightbar, and call for help! What’s he going to do–shoot you, the driver?

Folks who hang out with Tony shoot the drivers of speeding cars in which they are passengers for laughs. :rolleyes:

Hell, what was the point of killing the first medic?

Anyways, if the guy driving the ambulance had his seat belt on, he should have rolled the damned thing. That’s what I’d do!


I’m not saying that course of action doesn’t have its risks, but he just watched him commit murder! Does he think that he has any other Out for this situation that doesn’t end with a bullet in his head if he complies?

Not reading the thread, just posting.

I’m getting the 24 Club machinery geared up for our seasonal marathon, and I’m wondering if anyone has any insight as to when the last episode will air? In the past, they’ve doubled up episodes for the last two or three weeks to make sure they were done before Memorial Day weekend, which is good, because I like to do the marathon then, but I (obviously) haven’t heard any news about that.

If anyone could PM me with the 411, I’d be greatly appreciative.