25 days of Christmas food fight

Ok, I think everyone who participated in the 2nd Annual Doper Turkey Day Food Fight had fun. . .except maybe Jester. Well, I thought we could have a little payback time. So, as Guin would say,

arm yourselves!

lets see how long this one will last.

::Kbean picks up evil fruitcake and throws it at ozonebaby, as she is the only other person here so far::

::screech-owl sneaks out of kitchen with a cookie gun full of raw cookie dough::

::aims at Kbean::

::squeezes trigger evvvvv-errrrr soooooo sllllllooooooowwwllllyyyyyyyyyyyy::


(Did I mention I turbo-charged it?)

::laughs wildly::

::sneaks out of thread for the whole weekend::

picks up 2 cassoroles and both screech-owl and kbean get one in the face


Abe Babe rips the popcorn/cranberry garland from the tree, tears off the end like the pin from a grenade, and whips in around his head like a lasso.


People are pelted into oblivion by hundred of small but curiously hard red berries.

Then the inevitable occurs and the string wraps around his body and legs, and our hero falls unceremoneously into the punch, splashing everyone.


The Big Cheese yanks the cellophane of the cheese plate and starts flinging cheese slices at Abe Babe, Ozonebaby, Screech-owl and hits Kbean right in the forehead, and look!, the slice of Monterrey Jack is sticking there too!

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA Swampbear sneaks in armed with several of his infamous Hell-O molds. One for The Big Cheese, one for Abe Babe, one for ozonebaby, one for screech-owl, and one for Kbean. Heaves em in a fury of arm slinging, catching everybody off guard. Slimes everybody with the combination nuclear waste and snot all Hell-O molds are composed of.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!! What’s this? Some Hell-O mold landed on my arm. Help Help! I’m melting!!!


jumps in, flinging pieces of mashed fruitcake indiscriminately (or whatever)

::Kbean peels the cheese off her forehead, picks up cookie dough, Hell-O mold, and casserole. Smushes it all into a ball, and throws it at no one in particular::


wipes herself off then picks up a ham and nails swampbear


picks up some of the Hello-o stuff and throws handful after handful at everyone in site

He-he! dives under a table

::Sophie sneaks into the room while no one is looking, grabs the obligatory chocolate meringue pie that has been placed oh-so-conveniently within reach, and tip-toes out, quietly searching the boards for UncleBeer, who will never, ever suspect a thing, since he is probably way into sploshing, anyhoo::

I’ll be back.

Hey! Who ate all the rugelach I baked for this party? That was supposed to be for later! Of course you know, this means WAR! Let’s see, the challah is too soft to hurt someone if I hit them with it, uh, wait, the spiral cut ham! Hefts it, then considers, what’s a ham doing at this party? Oh, it’s a Christmas party! Shrugs and throws the porcine missile at Sophie, who is stealing her favorite dessert.






I aim to please…

::screech-owl sneaks back into the thread after being away for the weekend (sheesh, doesn’t anyone read anymore?!) with a raspberry Jell-O mold (made with miniature mashmallows and whipped cream between the layers) and flings spoonfuls indiscrimiately about the room.

Crawls out from under table where he’s been munching on the ham thrown by ozonebaby. Spies screech-owl’s hell-o mold, grabs it and goes on another hell-o flinging spree. Damn these things make good weapons. Knew they had to be good for something!:smiley:

Mudshark sneaks into the thread and starts to throw yams at everybody

ducks Anticay’s potato gun and grabs one of Mudshark’s yams and some Hell-o

Potato gun, eh? Lessee how it shoots with THIS clogging it up!

stuffs Hell-o and yam into barrel, causing gun to backfire a tremendous cloud of smoke


dives back under the couch

creeps begind cougar
yummm pumkin pie!


picks up remains of disgusting pie and mixes with the ubiquitous Hell-o

dips paw in

draws attractive pawprint patterns on Dragon Shadow

: creeps up on Cougar while he’s distracted by his own art work :

: throws a water balloon full of custard at the back of his head :

: runs back into the kitchen searching for some more ammo :