25+ injured in Chelsea, NYC explosion

so when people say they’re scared when buildings in their neighborhood are set on fire you’re feeling is that they’re not terrorized?

Feeling terror isn’t the same as being a victim of terrorism. Or are spiders terrorists?

CCTV footage of explosion. Looks like at least three cameras caught it.

Scary, but I can see why everyone is out of the hospital. People in this video weren’t knocked to the ground. Most took off running afterwards.

Anybody directly in front of the dumpster would have been seriously hurt. Cameras don’t capture a shot of the dumpster actually exploding. Just areas nearby.

Why is that one guy carrying a window screen? Especially that late at night.

NY the city that never sleeps. :wink:

He finally puts it down and walks off.

30 sec into the video.

Looks like CNN is trying to link the NJ and NYC bombings with the Minneapolis stabbings. Three incidents in one day. They’re saying it may not be directly coordinated but rather possibly some sort of general call to arms that some of the followers took to heart.

You do understand the difference between setting off explosives that target human beings and those that dont? Right? Right? How one is an act of terrorism while the other is an act of twitism?

They’re taking away a car in the area, one with New Jersey plates.

If it’s the same one, it’s one that MSNBC was reporting on earlier today. It drove by when the bomb went off and might have evidence on it. The driver reported it to the police today and they’ve been all over it for hours.

In a strictly legal sense, no. They feel terror but that’s not the same as being the victim of terrorism. We’re talking about what terminology the police and elected officials are using in their statements about this event. Shouldn’t we expect them to talk in terms of the legal definitions?

They showed the authorities wearing Hazmat suits while loading it onto a truck.

Looks like they have video now of the same man near both of the sites in Manhattan shortly before the one blast.

They’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t. If they say “terrorism” and it turns out just to be some doofus, then they get blasted for scaremongering. If they’re cautious and don’t use “terrorism,” there’s all sorts of complaining about how could it be anything else.

It bugged me when they initially wouldn’t call it a bomb. A short time later they find a intact one a few blocks away. WTH did they think it was? Somebody’s burned pot roast?

They finally admitted it was a bomb awhile later. Duh!

I understand speaking cautiously. But that was just ridiculous.

I don’t think it’s completely ridiculous. My understanding is they wanted to rule out any other causes. They ruled out a gas explosion right away, but it’s still not immediate. I heard there was a construction site not too far away, and maybe it could have been some volatile materials from that. They can’t just say off the bat, “Yikes! A bomb!” They even have to talk to first-responders first. I heard that if the first-responders can say they saw, say, white smoke at the scene, that’s a good indication of black powder.

NY Times

NY Times paywall

Flip phones and Christmas lights?

Wouldn’t Christmas lights would create a very fine glass shrapnel? Penetrate the skin and be hard to completely remove.

Retrieving an intact bomb will make forensics so much easier. Hopefully fingerprints or DNA will be found. They can trace purchases of the the bomb’s components.

They’ll identify somebody that’s responsible.

I’m a little surprised they released this information.

Certainly appears that the police got some very good early leads. At least 3 suspects.


I have no problem with classifying them as such.

DiBlasio isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. I think he meant to say exactly what Cuomo said. Not wanting to jump to conclusions is one thing. Completely ignoring reality is another.

I’m assuming the Christmas lights were transmitting the electrical charge from the phone initiator to the charge.
As someone who has put together many bombs legally as a combat engineer I have to say that it’s a good thing a rank amateur seemed to be doing this. He made bombs that are designed primarily to injure and kill due to shrapnel. Putting it in a metal dumpster just contains the blast and protects your targets.

The linked article claims ammonium nitrate is not explosive by itself. I’m sure a lot of people in West, TX and OKC beg to differ with that.

It doesn’t matter how they feel about it. It’s not an explosive by itself. Go get some and try to get it to explode. I’ll be waiting to hear your results.

Didn’t Timothy McVeigh kill 168 people with exploding ammonium nitrate?