27 Penalty Minutes in One Hockey Game

In a recent Islanders/Capital game, Ross Johnston of the Islanders managed to get 27 penalty minutes in a single game. Did anyone watch it? Or, do you know somewhere I can check to see how he managed it? I know he got 17 minutes in one fight – 2 for instigating, 5 for fighting, 10 for game misconduct. Where did the other 10 minutes come from? He only played 5 shifts.

He has 60 penalty minutes in 20 games, leading the Isles by a long way.

This doesn’t hold a candle to Randy Holt’s 67 penalty minutes on March 11, 1979 which still stands as a record to this very day.

Ah, found it. He got a misconduct and a game misconduct, so that’s 20 minutes, plus instigating and fighting. Jeez.

But did he put on the foil?

When he was in the Rangers farm system and playing for the Charlotte Checkers in the ECHL (basically equivalent to AA minors), [Steve MacIntyre](Steve MacIntyre) earned 32 PIM on one play. Responding to a teammate being roughed up in a scrum around the crease, Big Mac responded by cross-checking the miscreant in the head (5 match + 10 game misconduct) and then grabbed a random opposing player who wanted no part of him and pummeled him senseless (2 instigator + 5 fighting + 10 misconduct). Since the initial call on the opposing team was 2 for roughing, the Checkers ended up having to kill two back-to-back five-minute major power plays…