Hockey Penalty Minutes: How Is This Possible?

Randy Holt, in 1979 set the record for penalty minutes in one game with 67. In that game, he also set the record for most penalties in one period with 9. All 67 of those penalty minutes were in that one period. How is this humanly possible and how come people never bring this up when they talk about sports records that’ll never get broken? Forget 56 games in a row! Nobody can EVER touch 67 in a period!

Wow. Well, I hate to be dull, but Wikipedia has the answer:

Except for the first two, I’m guessing all the penalties were 5- and 10-minute majors and misconducts. And the fact that he went after Linseman after the end of the period allowed him to rack up a bunch of penalties without being sent off the ice.

Rats. That went quickly.

It’s still an unassailable sports feat, though! Recognize!

It’s a hell of a record, I agree - even Chris Simon’s attempt to murder Ryan Hollweg or cripple Jarkko Ruutu didn’t get that kind of penalty time. Maybe someone can track down a box score from that game and find exactly what the penalties were.

Hell, it’s more penalty minutes than an entire regulation game has!

Does anyone know if Mike Tyson knows how to ice skate?

What’s the point of a “triple game misconduct”? Does that automatically get you suspended for the following two games?

Presumably he committed three separate offences worthy of a game misconduct during the brawl. You won’t automatically get suspended for multiple game misconducts in the same game.

I have to nitpick. From the NHL Rulebook Rule 28-e:

Was that the rule in '79?

No, it wasn’t. That particular rule was adopted relatively recently, within the last five years or so.

But did he take of his ice skate and try to stab a guy?

I thought not!

Old-time hockey? Eddie Shore?

[hijack] Hey, now, don’t go harshing on Simon! A) He’s cute, and B) He starred in my all time Favorite Hockey Moment – when Probert forgot Simon was a lefty. [/hijack]

What’s the minor league record?
I had the supposed “pleasure” of attending a game in Utah (seems like it was the farm team for the Islanders v. the farm team for Calgary, but don’t count on it) where the total penalties per team were triple game time, and there was a minute and a half or so where the goalies had nothing to do due to lack of other players. :smack: What a cluster! I kept checking the program for guys named Hanson, but they must have been using aliases.

It was in the rulebook in '82 when John Wensink received an automatic suspension for game misconducts while playing for Colorado. I think he still holds the record for penalty minutes in a game for the Colorado Rockies/New Jersey Devils franchise.

Madam, don’t you diss Bob Probert. He’s a saint amongst hockey fight connossieurs.

Probert vs. Craig Coxe was a classic!

No dissin’ here. 'Twas a beautiful moment in hockey fight history. :wink: