29 hand in cribbage

I’ve been playing cribbage since I was 6 years old, and I’ve never had or seen a 29 hand. I’ve had 28 point hands, but never with nobs. Has anyone actually had one?

I’ve been playing since about that long, including 1,000+ games on my phone, and I’ve never gotten one nor seen one either.

(The probability of getting one is 1/216,580 (in 2-player, 2-handed), so the chances are pretty slim.)

I suppose I’ve played maybe 2,000 games in my life, maybe 12 hands per game per person, so that’s 48,000 hands of cribbage, which isn’t really close to 216,580 - maybe someone can tell me what the probability is that I would have seen one in 48,000 hands, given the initial probability.

The chance of not seeing one in a given hand is 1/216,580 = 0.999995383. The chance of not seeing one in 48000 straight hands is 0.999995383[sup]48000[/sup] = 0.801. So the chance you wold have seen at least one is just under 20%.

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I have had one and seen another.

Two 28 hands in over 50 years of playing. Saw one 29 during a crib tournament about 20 years ago. My sweetest was dropping a 28 then a 12 crib on a cousin that was giving me all kinds of grief on how he was kicking my ass. I went from a certain skunk to winning leaving him in the stink hole.

I’ve never seen a 29 hand or a 28 hand. Granted, I haven’t played cribbage nearly as much as my father (who taught me when I was 8 or so) had.

He had never seen a 29 hand either. Though he had seen a 28 hand in a game. (I can’t recall if it was him or his opponent.)

He knew a guy in the army who claimed to have seen a 29 hand in a game played by that guy’s opponent.

ETA: The highest I’ve ever managed is 24. But I’ve gotten 24 in every way possible to get it. (Ignoring suits, of course.)

40 years of playing and never seen one. My had has played almost seventy years and he has seen one. My highest is 24.

My dad has played almost seventy years too, including a lot of hours at sea, and he said he’s never seen one either.

Huh. I had no idea these were so rare. I want to say I’ve seen a 28 or possibly a 29, but, given the odds, I suspect it’s pretty unlikely. It’s not something that would have registered for me.

I’ve had 28 at least twice and my dad had 29 once. I accused him of stacking the deck when I went for a cup of coffee but he swore he didn’t.

I’ve had one - and I was at sea at the time. :slight_smile:

No picture, alas. My camera was in my bunk, half the length of the ship away. :mad:

I did that to my uncle who taught me to play. I was probably 20 at the time (so almost 30 years ago.) He used to frequently tell us that his best friend made him promise that if he ever got a 29 to call him immediately, no matter where or when. He got up to use the bathroom and I staged the cards. I watched his face as he looked at his hand. When I cut the 5 I thought he was going to die. He jumped up before we even played a card and went to the phone. I had to stop him before he finished dialing. He was pretty steamed, but then saw the humor.

But I have never seen a real 29.

I had two 28 hands in the same month, during a period I was playing constantly, but never before or since. Never a 29.

Played a zillion games. I love that game. Never seen a 29.

Saw one. My brother had one against me decades ago. Closest I have come is two twenty-eights.

Never had a 28 hand, let alone a 29. (Closest I’ve come to a 28 has been 3 fives and a face, awaiting the cut, i.e. a 1 in 46 chance at it. That’s happened to me a few times.)

It is amazing that so many play consistently there who lives and never see one.

So, if one played 5 games a day for 50 years, what are the odds that one will see or have one?

Well, that’s about 23 times as many hands as the 48,000 that OldGuy calculated had a 80.1% chance of not seeing one.

So, if OldGuy calculated right, the chance of not seeing one in the 50ys x 5 games is 80.1% ^ 23. By my calc 0.006.

So, if you played all 50 years, you’d see at least one 99.4% of the time.