3 Naked Boys

I was coming home from work tonight (approx 9:15) and what did I see? Three naked guys, highschool/college age, walking along on the sidewalk! :eek: :smiley: I’m not making this up! This wasn’t a country dirt road either, there were houses around. I know it’s hot, but still! I’m thinking it’s was some kind of fraternity stunt or hazing.

The summer between my freshman and sophmore year, my friend’s older brother, and two of our classmates who were friends with him, walked butt naked, three miles or so up to a friend’s house in a ritzy neighborhood, in the middle of the night. Just for shits and giggles.

Well, yesterday, I slept in all day (hadn’t slept all night). I kept wanting to get up and go for a bike ride, it was such a beautiful day, but I was knocked out. I discovered it was probably a good thing I stayed down - apparently Fremont just had their naked bicycling parade! I would have ridden out that way, rubbed my eyes, and come back home to bed anyway, I suppose, thinking I had to be delusional.

I found out about it after I woke up and my husband took me out late in the afternoon, and as we were driving toward the Ballard Fred Meyer, noticed several stragglers from the parade. All shapes and sizes. All. My first sighting was a rather hefty naked middle-aged man, grinning ear to ear, pedalling furiously up a hill. I don’t remember what I said, as I believe my brain exploded.

I love this place. I only wish I hadn’t stayed up so late the night before…

WhyNot will be here soon for the requisite “Cite?” post…

Dateline NBC is coming your direction right now.

Get your alibi straight.

Were they singing?

It’s contagious: http://zed.cbc.ca/go;jsessionid=awyKzl5Mbric?POS=2&CONTENT_ID=2365&c=contentPage

Thankfully, I managed to miss this year’s edition of the naked bike ride here in Victoria, but last year I ran across the parade twice as they made their way through downtown. The first encounter wasn’t too bad - I was in a store when they rode past, and didn’t see too much. However, later on, a bunch of them had found some buskers playing nice danceable music. The sight of mostly hefty middle-aged naked people dancing away on the sidewalk is not one I’m going to erase from my brain any time soon. shudder

Public nudity (IMHO) should not be illegal, nor should it be shocking. If it’s hot out, wearing clothes can result in overheating and heat stroke, which can be very serious. People should be allowed to dress comfortably outdoors, and the rest of us should respect that (as they should respect our right to dress comfortably). Intolerance should NOT drive public policy.

(I did put an “l” in “public”, right?)

I was walking down to the local grocery store several years ago on a warm summer’s night, and met a guy and his wife/girlfriend walking the other way. They were both wearing shorts and shoes and nothing else.

They said, “Hey, how’s it goin’?”

I said, “Cool. Nice night for a walk.”

No-one was traumatized.

I continually fail to see what the big deal is. Prudishness is stupid and annoying. Get over it and act civilized (not directed at the OP, but at people who object to this sort of thing).

If the link dows not work, go to the CBC’s Zed site, and search for “Heap of Trouble”. It’s a delightfully funny video short about “nine naked men just walking down the road…”

Well, holy underwear! Howsa goin’?

(Yeah, I went upon this post to search for his return thread, but…

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This is where I first saw your return, so welcome back!

When me and my friends are walking home from a night out, it’s not uncommon to turn it into “naked walk home”[sup]TM[/sup].

With my friends from the OTC, activities are generally made more interesting by giving them the prefix naked-…

The body paint helps.