3 words ending in -GRY

What are the words ending in -GRY?

I can think of Hungry, Angry and none others??

are there any more?

You know what, dude, I’m not sure. Maybe you should read Cecil’s books like the rest of us instead of asking this stupid question again. Then again, maybe you just don’t know any better. Incidentally, this may be the nicest reply you get all night, so I wish you luck, Jack.

I hear gullible isn’t in the dicionary either. Look it up!

RAW, this is not the kind of question we need. Do a search and find out why.

Oh, god. Not again! :rolleyes:

There are many, many words ending in “gry” – depending on which dictionary you use and how archaic you want to get. I’m sure if you search the boards for “gry”, you’ll find some of the previous threads.

I’d just like to point out that not all Sydney-siders and not all wrestling fans behave like the OP in company. Really, we don’t.

Hungry, angry and thishasalreadybeenansweredabajilliontimesgry.

Well I guess I will be the nice guy, and give you the link to where Cecil has actually answered this.

What are the three English words ending in -gry?

Oops I screwed up the link.

What are the three English words ending in -gry?

Link posted, now mods, please

Actually, the third word is Vegemitemerkingry, which is a noun that describes people who don’t read the FAQs or search the archives before posting an all too common question.


a pubic wig made out of the leftover yeast products from brewing beer?


Actually, there’s another “answer” to this. A local columnist who used to be a DJ explains this as an old radio trick. What the DJ who poses the question is “really” saying is something like “Angry and hungry are two words that end in ‘gry’.Try to think of a third word that ends in G or Y. I just used it”. I suspect that this version of the con evolved out of the “third word” trick when someone couldn’t remember the original setup.

There are only four words in the English language which
end in “dous”: tremendous, horrendous, stupendous, and

alonisist…check the link provided by mongrel_8…it’s all there, thanks be to Cecil.

Oops, sorry, alonicist

Is it just me or do the same questions come up with alarming frequency? To make the point I made earlier with the “gry” question… BUY THE BOOKS LIKE THE REST OF US AND STOP ASKING THESE STUPID QUESTIONS (sigh…:0 ). Sorry, I had to get that out of my system.

Sounds like someone took the Getting the Moderators to Notice You a little too seriously.

OK, so I overreacted. You have my most sincere apology. :smiley: But really, the point is that these questions have become cliches. Isn’t it time to go on to other things?