3-year old Milk Commercial

I am in a little trivia contest and am stuck. About three years ago, there was a milk commercial on a lot of different television channels, both local in Portland, Oregon and national.

A cute little girl (6-8?) with long dark curly hair walks into a bar. A bunch of tough-looking cowboys are staring down at her. She has on a little cowgirl outfit, hat and all, and possibly with a gun. She says something “tough” to them and then drinks her milk or??? We have seen this child actress either on other commercials or possibly on a TV show or in a movie?

Shortly after the ad was aired, a ton of bad press came in. I contacted a television station about it at the time. The person told me that people complained about her being everything from a little smart ass to a raving-flaming little bitch. The press apparently scared the milk industry and the ad was immediately removed. We were pissed as we thought it was cute and a great commercial. I mean the kid was just doing what the directors told her.

Anyway, does anyone know anything about this, or who the child was. Is she still acting, doing commercials or? We felt like she really got screwed over.

Thanks a bunch

Ron Weber

That little girl was in a movie (not Curly Sue) but I can’t remember the movie or find her name. She was all over the place for a short while.

Is this her?

Nevermind. Apparently I was thinking of the “Pepsi girl” Hallie Eisenberg and a cowboy-saloon thing that Pepsi did for Regal Cinemas, going over the rules for the theater.

Look up “regal cinemas / pepsi girl policy trailer” on YouTube if you want to see it (I’m on my iPod so I can’t link)